Every jobless crime ridden town in America is run by Democrats

All cries of racial oppression only comes from towns run by Democrats…

They have full control of our education system and main stream thoughts…

Who’s ready to wreck their world!

2020 we will storm Boston, Detroit, Chicago, New York with liberty rallies! Second amendment rallies, free speech rallies! If the local municipalities want to stop us we call on Mattis to protect our rights to celebrate our liberties! Stay in touch for more detail.
1 million strong with guns rallying In Boston in 2020!

Time to restore American culture in these ■■■■■ holes

Here is an article you might find interesting:


Over the past few decades virtually all (both liberal and conservative) who are economically able have moved out of the inner cities. In NJ (and I assume for the rest of the country as well) they are the worst places to live and especially to raise a family. I would also have to assume they have seen the highest levels of immigration as well.

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What are going to do with the guns?

Define “American culture” please.

What ever we want… do you have a problem?

Independence. Americans strongly believe in the concept of individualism. …

Freedom, free speech, guns, god, western values, of hard work, assimilation, Boston accents to South Carolina accents. Hunting, how we give our lives before treasure… I can go on and on…

God I love American culture!

At least that’s an answer, thank you. I am continually surprised that those who talk the most about American culture for some reason seem reluctant or unable to define it.

No I just did… I can go on and on, things is Americans learned during the Great Depression, how we celebrate family, ahhh just love America… and you reactions lol

I know you just did, it’s why I thanked you. Sheesh! :roll_eyes: :wink:

Thanks! Hope you learned something

No problem! Hope you stick around.

Absolutely! Who did you vote for?

Haha didn’t think so

Who needs family when you have government!