Ever wonder how President Trump became a 20 time Golf Club Champion?

Most people probably haven’t. I’d heard it but never seen it explained. Well, here you go…


Sean Illing

Trump claims to have won at least 20 club championships at his golf courses. What is a club championship? And how many of those has he actually won?

Rick Reilly

Once a year, every country club has a club championship for the best players. It lasts two or three days, and it’s a big thing if you win it. The best player I know of at this level won eight of these club championships — that’s the most I’ve ever heard of.

Trump’s going around telling people he has won 20. But that’s 100 percent a lie. I actually played with him once, and he told me how he does it: Whenever he opens a new golf course, because he owns 14 and operates another five, he plays the first club champion by himself and declares that the club championship and puts his name on the wall."

See, here’s the thing to us golfers. It’s a self regulating game. You call penalties on yourself. There are no refs or cops (unless you’re pro). So you have to trust that your competition isn’t cheating.

So, don’t play in a tourney if Trump is in it. And don’t let your kid play in the Trump group.

No surprise at all. His need for admiration and approval is so pathological and so ■■■■■■■ obvious. You’d think the shame would cause him to dial some of it back, but it doesn’t.

You realize none of this has any bearing on the two things you always allude to.

Its more proof that Trump is a chronic liar.


Good thread!

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Everyone cheats at golf. Big deal.

Shame? He’s a sociopath. Like empathy, his diseased brain is incapable of any such thing. Grandiose sense of self-worth and all.

Good thing he only cheats in golf. Lol.

If a man cheats at golf he probably also cheats on his wife.

Neither of which matters at all on how great Donald Trump is at being President. A president who cheats at everything is still better than Hillary Clinton. This pretty much applies to any Democrat. Thank God for President Donald Trump.


I’m surprised he hasn’t given himself the Presidential Medal of Freedom as he did that other golfer guy.


"I could never get Virtue to call me back on all this, but Golf.com reported it and I heard it from two members of the club as well. They say Virtue was there playing with his son. Trump sees Ted on the 9th hole and and decides to drive his cart over. He tells Ted: “Congrats on winning the club championship, but you didn’t really win it, because I was out of town.”

Ted tries to laugh it off, but Trump is dead serious. Trump says, “We’re gonna play these last six holes for the championship.” And Ted’s like, “Oh, well, I’m playing with my son, but thanks anyway.” But Trump says, “It’s okay. Your son can play, too.” So what are you going to do? He’s the president. It’s his course. They end up playing.

Apparently, they get to a hole with a big pond in front of the green. Both Ted and his son hit the ball on the green, but Trump hits his in the water. By the time they get to the hole, though, Trump is lining up the son’s ball. Only now it’s his ball and the caddie has switched it.

The son is like, “That’s my ball!” But Trump’s caddie goes, “No, this is the president’s ball; your ball went in the water.” Ted and his son look at each other confused, not sure if this is really happening. Trump makes that putt, and wins one up. Then, according to Golf.com, he tells Virtue something like, “I’ll tell you what, we’ll be co-champions.”

But the members tell me that when you look at the plaques on Trump’s locker there, it says: “2018 Men’s Club Champion.” No “co-” at all."

Come on. That’s pathetic.

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I know, right.

His supporters don’t care. Many admire this behavior.

Those that do seem to admire the behavior applied to governing and politics as well.

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Maybe SNL should have an outside broadcast, if they haven’t already, from a golf course.

I blame his German born father.

That was so long ago, how is it relevant?

THANK YOU calirepub!

God Bless America
God Bless President Trump
:us::us:MAGA :us::us:

He is known as the biggest cheater EVER in the sport most known for honor. That’s our President,

Isn’t there supposed to be a separation between the state and church in the USA?

Where did you get that idea?