Even too liberal for Whoopie

I didn’t stereotype anything.

You are way over-reacting.

Would you like to censor me?

It is a fake Jewish name.

Bike lanes help to move bike traffic along more safely and encourages more bike riding.

You know what the #1 cause of slowing traffic is on the city grid?

Delivery trucks.

It is such a problem that Amazon has started a program of battery assisted bike delivery vehicles so they can also use the bike lanes.

This defense is over.



Yep she went on Colbert and doubled down, she’s toast.

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Why do some/many of the black nation hate Jewish people?


My guess is Whoopi doesn’t believe anyone but black people have been the victims of racism.


It’s not just her.

I try not to make generalizations based on race.

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Admirable, but there’s a problem there.

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Unfortunately that is the theme of the thread, based on a noteworthy comment by a well known political figure.

It is all rather crazy.

You’re right, I’ll rephrase.



You’re arguing that Whoopi Goldberg hates Jews because she said something you personally have said on this message board ?


Just tripling up on it, eh?

Are Okonedo and Diggs fake Jewish names, too?

And the stab in the back part. Oh and a little blood and soil. That last one’s making a comeback ….


Yeah and then once in power sent the socialists into concentration camps. That’s some socialist party.

Myopic history is myopic.

His farm act also prohibited Jews and people of color from owning farms. Nah, nothing about race there Whoopi.

Sure. Everybody knows I’m evil.

Maybe you didn’t see, I’ve got the high ground.

Traffic control? You call increasing the frequency of gridlock by giving over one vehicle lane to bicycles is traffic control? Amaizing! :roll_eyes: