Europe/NATO/UN Shenanigans

Nice! That’s just what the world needs! And dissolve NATO.

The European Union should form its own combined army that could play a role in peacekeeping and preventing conflict, Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani said.

An EU army to “prevent conflict and keep the peace.”

Putin has nothing to worry about.

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So you favor this or are opposed? I’m a big NATO backer so I don’t like the idea of a non US involved European army. But I thought you didn’t like us involved in things that aren’t our business. Would this not be Europe dealing with European problems? I think it’s a horrible idea but some here would probably cheer it.

Macron was pushing this idea a while back, with of course French leadership. Now, according to this article, not so much.
The cost was probably considered.

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The cost we foot with the current EU army.

Instead of teaching kids to read or rebuilding Maui.

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Don’t see that happening, as of 2022 entire EU countries combine budget is something like 260 billion dollars. And thus reliance on America to carry out there expansionist policies.

Hell they’re having internal fighting/argument over who will run Red sea operations to secure their own shipping.

I guess they will have to trim their welfare state programs to fund this new army.


How great would an EU army be?

Based on what we see in Ukraine? Better than Russia’s, which is all it really needs to be.

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Disjointed chain of command, with no dominant power as the lead. The majority paying only lip service to defense spending. Twenty some separate national interests and foreign policies, coupled with a nationalistic distrust of common EU based Officials in Brussels. I’m sure it will be all cupcakes and punch in frilly cuffed suits and ball gowns.

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That’s exactly what I was thinking…all jockeying to lead to lead.

But wanting the others to pay the freight.

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NATO is outdated. All the action in the future will be emerging markets taking place in Asia not Europe.

Let them form their own army and dismantle NATO.

Time to quit fighting Europe’s wars for them.

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Amen! Let all these nations have their own MICs and implement austerity with welfare.

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The US spends 3.1 percent of gdp on military.
France spends 1.9 percent of gdp on military.
Norway spends 1.6 percent of gdp on military.

The left needs to stop bragging about social benefits in Europe until this is evened up.