EU to respond with 'retaliatory' tariffs against US

How dare they challenge the great US with their own tariffs!?! We will win this trade war! We will make America great again on the world stage!

The tariffs follow a decision this week by a World Trade Organization (WTO) arbitrator allowing the U.S. to impose tariffs on up $7.5 billion in European goods.

So france doesn’t like the WTO? Why would they be against this organization? I through europe was all for the WTO?


The EU is perfectly entitled to take this action after the WTO decision.

Why do so many seem to think that support for an organization Equates to having to agree with every decision said organization makes?

The tariffs will cover a litany of European goods, including wine, cheese, olives, Irish and Scotch whiskies, pork, cookies. clothing, tools, machines and other industrial products from Europe.

Wow, that’s a scary list of things we can’t produce here! :rofl:

Se your saying that the WTO is essentially a worthless organization then?

Uh, that’s in reference to the tariffs we imposed on the EU.

It hasn’t been announced what the retaliatory tariffs will be.

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Nope he’s saying that support for an organization doesn’t mean that you have to agree with every decision said organization makes.

Ah so it did :rofl:

My bad. Good catch. :wink:

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So again, a worthless organization. Don’t like the ruling against you, ignore it and retaliate when a country does what the WTO says it can do.


Not at all. Read my post. Since when does supporting an organization mean you have to agree with every decision they make?

I dont see where the WTO says the EU cannot respond with measures of its own.

But then I freely admit I am not a WTO expert and have to rely on google searches for this topic to expand my knowledge.

I remember when Republicans were against tarrifs.

American cheese and bacon is all we need from that list…:clinking_glasses:

I remember when D were for the middle class worker.


Yeah the tarrifs are really helping them out right now. :rofl:

Yeah Americans react very well to price hikes for alcohol. Especially in a world where whiskey is the world’s most popular liquor.

I remember when democrats were the party of the working man and didn’t have a fetish for free trade. Parties did a 180.

Yeah this is really helping me, a working man, by totally â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  over my liquor costs. Thanks Trump!

Will it be all across the board alcohol or Europe imported alcohol?

Whiskey is the most popular liquor on Earth right now. The three most popular are bourbon, Scotch and Irish whisky. Two of those are made in EU countries and have to be by definition.