Essential to play?

I thought this firm was just to keep naughty women quiet.

AT&T, Novartis, a Korean aerospace company??

Paying for “insight” into the administration?

Have we ever seen anything like this before?

When does the swamp get drained?


Cohen cash.

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This is so maga. .long as you have enough cash…

Everything they complained about Hillary they have ended up doing.

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I wonder what Trump’s cut is.

I also wonder when we will find out TJ, Eric and Ivanka have similar shell companies.

I’m a little surprised that Cohen didn’t demand payment from the Russians and AT&T in something a little less incriminating, like, say, stolen cigarettes.

It’s impressive that Cohen went from an ambulance chaser with a barely legit law degree to a premier consultant for the Healthcare industry. He’s straight up tiger blood.


The key here is, did Mueller collect correspondence with Trump about his share of the booty?

It is very impressive since he was an ambulance chaser before meeting the stable genius.

I’m sure those dozen cell phones that were confiscated will tell the story.

Correction, sixteen cell phones were seized.

So AT&T paid more like $600,000?

If there’s one thing the Trump and the GOP care about even more than proper email protocols and server usage and not golfing or using teleprompters, it’s the problem of pay-to-play.


Nova paid over a million for access to trump

You can’t make this ■■■■ up folks.


Keep in mind these payments were all made into the account of the LLC Cohen set up specifically to pay off all the women Trump banged. They weren’t just to Cohen.

Just saying…this is gonna worse

i think we’re at the tip of the iceberg.

that would explain why some Republican politicians have defended this investigation. they probably heard stuff like “you can’t stop it. it’s bad. you’d get crucified in the media when it all comes out. and it will come out.”

No doubt.

Korea Aerospace is attempting to procure its way into the lucrative US defense industry. The Korea Institute for Industrial Economics and Trade — a South Korean think tank — said a joint bid from the company and Lockheed Martin was “well placed” to receive an Air Force contract worth up to $16.3 billion to provide aircraft for the Advanced Pilot Training project.

The payments were made to Cohen in November. The government was set to award the contract by the end of 2017 but in October, Air Force Under Secretary Matt Donovan told Defense News that the deadline would be pushed back to early 2018