Eric Trump: Woodward wrote book to ‘make three extra shekels’


Either the Trumpsters have gone to bed or their sycophancy doesn’t extend to Eric.


What a vile moronic family,the sad part is this kind of thing from them isn’t even surprising anymore.


That’s because Eric is a 4. woof.


And he did it again, while being fact-checked live on a Fox podcast. This kid is a moron.

“We’ve got the fastest-growing economy in the history of our country,” Trump boasted, before listing what he said were the economic successes of his father’s administration. (Trump also repeated his anti-Semitic “shekels” slur about veteran journalist Bob Woodward’s book, Fear: Trump in the White House .)

“However, when you say it’s the fastest-growing economy we’ve ever had, that isn’t really the case, because economic growth of the low-4 percents is what we just have had in the last quarter and there’s hope that that would continue,” said Anthony.

“But you have to be fair, even during the Obama administration, while he did have some very low growth in quarters, there were times that he got over 5 percent in economic growth and over 4 percent more than once,” he added.

Trump said he doubted Anthony’s facts and said he’d “go back and check” the claim “very carefully” — which the podcast later did with data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis to prove that Trump was indeed wrong.


Is he the stupidest trump child? I can’t remember.


Reading anti Semitic meaning into this is pushing it. But the Trumps should know that at least half the country is pushing anything against them at this point. Looking at just the title, it was obvious where this thread was going. It should have been obvious to Eric too. He needs to stay out of politics. Once tone deaf, generally always tone deaf.


Once stupid, generally always stupid.