Eric Trump: Woodward wrote book to ‘make three extra shekels’


Fat donald’s supporters would be losing their ■■■■ if one of Obama’s daughters said something similar.


If Chelsea Clinton said it? The hoverround brigade would be scootering down Pennsylvania avenue


but he can’t be anti-semetic because his brother in law is a jew


comments like that are why i think Donald Trump has a really good chance of winning again.


Oh yeah definitely


I’ve never heard that phrase used by except perjoratively by people who aren’t Jewish and I grew up around oodles of Jews. Hebrew speakers, Hasidim, the whole nine.


Lots of Jews around me too.


¯_(ツ)_/¯ Not saying you’re wrong, just never personally heard it except to mean “taking money from the Jews.”


Really? Hebrew or Yiddish? Not a lot of Hebrew spoken among American Jews.


Well, both, even I know a little Yiddish as long as I’m calling you mean things.

There was a school, the Hebrew Institute of Pittsburgh, that specially existed to teach kids the language. It was mostly kids from Hasidic and Conservative families. It’s called something else now but I lived on the same street as it for a little while.


Did you come up with that on your own Eric? I’m seriously curious…did you read it?


Jared must love Christmas with the Trumps.


i went over to one of the most racists sites in the country and they are saying that they will be using the “make three extra shekels” now as one of the memes.

shocking, i know.


There not even trying to hide it anymore.




Eric is still looking for his three missing chromosomes.


While pretending to love israel…


Oh come on Peter, that post looks pretty anti-semitic Saul. I think you should apologize PSBandito, don’t you think SaysWho? I mean, come on Michael, really posting anti-semitic “((( )))”?

I’m trying to think of which character of yours I like best.


Have they been trying in the couple years


uh, you know Peter has an account here are Peter, right?