Erdogan to Trump: I will not release the American pastor

■■■■ Erdogan. Seriously.

Way past time to kick Turkey out of NATO until and unless he is gone.

Only the best deals.

"Israel confirmed on Friday that Trump had requested Israel to release a Turkish woman it accused of ties to Hamas.

Israel deported Ebru Ozkan on July 15 and media reported that Washington was hoping that Turkey would release Brunson in exchange.

Erdogan confirmed that Turkey had asked for U.S. help in securing the return to Turkey of Ozkan, broadcaster Haberturk reported, but denied any form of deal to release Brunson in exchange.

“We told the U.S. that they might help for released and innocent Ebru to get back her passport and return to Turkey,” Erdogan was quoted as saying by Haberturk.

“However, we did not say we will give you Brunson in return.”

What a worthless “Ally”.

Yup. Ataturks Turkey is dead, there’s no use arguing over the corpse.

There are still Kemalists there but Erdoğan seems to be playing the long game and waiting till they die or …are rounded up as accessories to the attempted coup.

He wants that guy in Pennsylvania, Gülen.

I don’t know what Brunson was doing. Erdoğan was not persecuting Christians just for them being Christians. I knew enough when Iived there in 1974 and later in 2012 to not say or do anything there to offend Ataturk in 74 or Erdoğan in 2012. (Interesting dilemma for the people there. Do they take down their pictures of Mustafa Kemal and risk ostracizing from secular Muslim Turks or leave it up and risk suspicions from the AKP’s commissars. I didn’t envy their position.)

I am no fan of Erdoğan’s. I greatly admire the Kemalists. But I have to wonder how Brunson got tagged. Did a radical Islamist falsely accuse him just because he was Christian? Did he have communication with Gülen or any of the incompetents that planned the coup?

Anyway… if my personal life were different, and the politics there more stable and safe, I might live on the southwestern coast or in Istanbul. I love the country and its people.

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Flynn was really trying to broker the extradition of Gulen over to the Turks and I believe he was offered 15 mil for the deal. Guess things have gone downhill between Trunp and Turkey since Flynn was indicted.

He was just, and I wish this was a metaphor and not what actually happened, dapping Erdogan up at the NATO summit and telling the other leaders Erdogan “did it the right way.”

It’s almost like other leaders view the president as weak

The President projecting the greatest weakness was Obama, with Carter probably a close second. I predict history will show Trump to be a strong world leader.

I’m always fascinated how being tough and being a bully are the same thing with you guys.

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So no dispute with my call on Obama and Carter?

He’ll probably be released before the midterms.

Trump doesnt have the camaraderie with Muslim Brotherhood Islamacists that Obama had.

Yeah, Erdogan was a HUGE fan of Obama…

Oh … my bad. You are right. It’s almost like Erdoğan viewed Obama as weak.
Right @BlueTex ?

Did Gulan get extradited?

Only a strong leader, unlike Obama, would do that.