Epstein will be the scandal of our lifetimes

I have a sneaking hunch that the Jeffery Epstein network of child rapists will break open to be the major political scandal of the last 100 years- much bigger than Watergate.

I think many well known political, entertainment and scientific names will be exposed as participants.

I may be wrong, but we’ll see.

Why do you have that hunch?

Because of the news reports citing “unnamed” politicians and celebrities being part of Epstein’s circle of close friends. Bill Clinton and Trump are being mentioned. Two presidents possibly being involved is major. Who else is involved?

“News reports” or Q postings on social media?

News reports-
NY Times, NY Magazine, NBC etc.

Bill “I only took a couple of flights with him” Clinton admits to palling around with him (other reports are he took 14 flights.) There is pictures of him with Trump before he was convicted (and before Trump threw him out of his Florida resort). He is also linked to an ungodly amount of rich and powerful people.

I sure hope so. I want them all taken down and to hell with their political affiliation.

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In particular

Prosecutors sought the order because, they said in court filings, they intends to produce documents and materials that could … “affect the privacy and confidentiality of individuals…[and that] would impede, if prematurely disclosed, the Government’s ongoing investigation of uncharged individuals.”

In other words, more people are going down for this.

Interesting wording.