Enthusiasm in politics

The young radicals consolidating power in the DNC will be the reason, not the White House.

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Yes, republicans are learning Critical Theory.

And that’s the point of my shotgun metaphor. Their anger catches their own allies in the blast, damaging everything. Trumpism will forever be at odds with realpolitik conservatism. The former sees the latter as sellouts, the latter sees the former as self-destructive and backward.

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Next time it will be about Biden.

The squad is not going to be silent. Blm is not going to stand down. No the left is going to go to crazy town for the next four years.
The woke are not going back to sleep.

He is not but he did get 92 percent of the black vote

All of that is true. I don’t disagree for a moment. That will drive more gop to the polls come 2022

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And Critical Theory must destroy liberalism to succeed.

Snipers are cool, but they don’t win wars.

You are quickly going to see willingness to accept casualties on your own side and just how fragile that alliance is.

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The young radicals are not ready. That’s for 2024. All my opinion of course

Not only are they not going to be silent, they are going to increase power.

Your party’s fringe can’t even concede their weapon is empty. Police your own.

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Here’s a helpful hint.

Biden is a lame duck from the moment he is inaugurated.

Nobody will say it.

But biden is a one term like his predecessor.

Both dems and reps are in desperate need of new blood.


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I heard it was 88 percent. Hillary got 92.

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MAGA and Trumpism ain’t going anywhere, and that will be in part the fault of the fringe left.

Did he, or did they vote against Trump?

Biden is not going to get near the benefit of the doubt Obama did.

You have a point, but Biden/Harris is not one term. Harris is next.

Rational new blood. Both sides have a problem - their surrey has too much fringe on top.

Yeah that’s how the black panthers remained a political force in 1980. The idea that radicalism is going to take over is that dirty P word. It’s no different from the argument that white supremasits are going to organize and take over the GOP. It’s silly

Socialism wasn’t on the ballot

Lol. If you think the media didn’t have a large hand in it, you’re mistaken. The New York Times alone influenced enough voters to even the odds with half truths. Other outlets springboarded off their misinformation. It will continue happening, but the effectiveness should be diminished without a crusty old blowhard to demonize.