Enthusiasm in politics

There’s a few ways to look at this, but going forward, who will maintain voter enthusiasm and why? I’ll make the poll simple so as not to put my thumb on the scales, but which party will come out on top 2022/2024 because of the rise of Biden or the fall of Trump?

If you vote, please explain why you chose the way you did.

  • Republicans
  • Democrats
  • Third party

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Republicans because of the fair/cheating foundations, the media, public disorder and the push by the justice democrats.

I’m going with republicans. My theory, Trump drove everyone to the polls to vote for or against. Biden had nothing to do with his own success. I see the Biden presidency mired by a confrontational senate and ultimately ineffective. The things they can do, Paris accord, Iran deal, bowing to China are meaningless and largely unpopular. Democrats won’t have Trump to kick out of office, therefore, enthusiasm will shift to the right. 3rd party may get a bump if the left bashes American exceptionalism enough to starkly contrast the last four years’ America first rhetoric.


Republicans will come out on top because America rejected socialism in 2020.


I honestly think neither comes out on top. I think we edge closer to a 50/50 duality in this country. That is town I voted

Assuming the Biden administration is boring–stimulus checks, unemployment benefits, and financial aid will be the political story of the next two years.

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Yep And all of it will be derided as socialism.

This is exactly it.

Welcome to your nap América.

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A basic admission that a ham sandwich could have beaten trump

And did?

The media convinced enough people to vote for a potato. Congrats.

But this is about enthusiasm going forward.

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It’s possible that the gop gains seats but if the next two years biden admin is as boring as i believe it will be the cries of socialism may fall on deaf ears.

Oh and thanks. Nap time.

The price at the pump may cause a stir. We’ll see.

May be. 7.19!

Gas prices were approaching 4 dollars in 2007-2008 and McCain was leading Obama until the economy collapsed.

We will see

Grievance/victim status make for powerful political motivators.

The right will be energized going forward, goosed and controlled by Trump’s base. They continue to insist they were cheated and will express that for four years.

Wrong. Utterly wrong.

TRUMP convinced enough people to vote for a potato.

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It already permeates the posts here. Despite calm posts the stages of grief are seeping through at times. This is bargaining.

No different from 2016 but we are talking about the future

Seemed pretty pumped ousting trump from the White House 80,000,000 #strong



While i agree to an extent with this how is the tea party caccus doing?

Democrats were more enthusiastic about ousting Trump than installing Biden.


What? Biden is not going to build it back better?

Biden is not the first black President.