ENOUGH: Sen. Graham May Call for McCabe, Rosenstein to Appear Before Senate Committee | Sean Hannity

Senator Lindsey Graham issued a scathing statement Thursday following Andrew McCabe’s bombshell interview regarding the DOJ and the White House; saying McCabe and Rod Rosenstein may be called to appear before the Senate to answer questions regarding anti-Trump bias.

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All of those involved in the signing of the FISA documents, and the “Evidence” providers should be subpoenaed and sworn in . Again, this whole fiasco was mandatory to protect the prior administration and its own corruptions. The Russia Hoax was an organized plan:It was a coup by the upper echelon of the Justice Dept, who were FORCED to falsify and use disinformation on Trump to distract from the guilt and involvement of the DOJ , past and present, and its participation and knowledge of Clintons indiscretions and illegal activities and the cover they provided to the Clintons, and the last Administration