Enough is enough - Time for the NFL to adopt "in game" tie breakers

Minnesota and Green Bay just tied and as you know, I ******* hate ties.

Standard overtime doesn’t assure a resolution and some people don’t like the college football format.

So instead, lets adopt an “in game” tie breaking format.

Overtime would be abolished Games would end at the end of regulation, regardless of score.

If the score is tied at the end of regulation, the NFL would go to tie breakers to determine the victor.

  1. Most touchdowns. Since most score numbers can be obtained by a large number of methods, (touchdowns, extra points, two point conversions, field goals and safeties) a premium would be put on most touchdowns as the first tie breaker.

  2. Most earned first downs, not due to penalties.

  3. Most first downs, regardless of how achieved.

  4. Most yardage gained, regardless of whether gained on offense, defensive takeaways or special teams.

  5. Total time of possession.

And if all that fails to resolve the situation (though it would be implausible).

  1. Flip the coin.

I am ******* DONE with ties. The NFL should ban them, by ANY means necessary.

Why can’t they be like baseball and just keep playing until someone wins? I don’t like your idea of using stats to break a tie.

Injury is the reason they don’t want to extend the games.

Using stats may not be a desirable idea, but games should have winners. There should never be a tie in football, ever.

Kick a field goal starting at the 25 yard line and extend it 10 yards until one team misses. These ties are ridiculous.

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The call on Matthew’s was ■■■■■■■■

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Have a drinking competition to resolve the games.

Not the players. The fans.

The loudest, most unruly fans.

Then, once well lubricated and barely standing, have them run through the Upper Classman Twit of the Year obstacle course.

Sure, it has nothing to do with football but by then the players are exhausted … let them be entertained for a change…

Why can’t they do a round of Ro Sham Bo?

Philadelphia would dominate every tied game they participated in.

Should not have gone into ot! Sack on Counsins was bogus and should’ve been a non call…interception…game over! That was not roughing the passer!

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i don’t mind a couple of ties per year. this year has been weird.

That’s a good suggestion. Not sure I like using stats to settle a game, but also agree making them play until someone wins increases the odds of an injury.

I hate ties as well and think the NFL needs to do something to change that, this is only week 2 and already we’ve had two ties. This isn’t acceptable, fans have the right to see someone win, especially in this case as it was a division game.

Or they could start kicking extra points (maybe five or ten yards longer) back and forth until someone misses.

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That would be fun

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Ro Sham Bo wouldn’t be fun?

End the games like college does in it. Each team start at the 20 and tries to score. Continue until one team doesn’t score or gets a fg while the other team gets a td

It would be gewd

MMA cage match at 50-yard line. Each team chooses its gladiator.

Bible trivia at the 50-yard line.

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Start kicking field goals at the 20 yard line, moving back 5 yd’s. every time, until one side misses.

If tied on touchdowns, the visiting team wins.