Enough deflection already

Keith Ellison will be voted on in Minnesota, nothing to do with Kavanaugh.

Bill Clinton is old news, pointing out hypocrisy is not the issue at hand. That was 20 years ago.

We believe women now, I am still trying to figure out how 2/3rds of sexual assaults are unreported, if they are not reported how do we know they occurred? and since we believe women, as in me too. The real issue is whether or not we should believe women.

Furthermore, what if women disagree, which one is more believable.

Kennedy, does not matter, the issue is Kavanaugh. Disregard all the women that support him. disregard his wife and daughters.

Because not all women are equal.

Now that we have that established, all we need to decide on is which women are more believable.

Hirono should tell us.

I just use the same way I decide whether or not to believe people in daily life.

We all know Kavanaugh will be confirmed. It’s almost October in an election year he will become a Justice.

Knowing that, I have to examine Ford’s motives. She is at the top of her professional career and has lot to lose plus lot of ridicule to endure by accusing the inevitable judge. If I put myself in her shoes, I would need at least $40 million​ to lie on the judge, since the sheer embarrassment of this public trial will be end of my social life.

Unless George Soros cuts me a check before I mail the letter, I’m not doing it. Add on another $100 million for risking a perjury charge as well.

I don’t see any motivation for inventing this accusation that did not also exist for Goursch—and Soros didn’t hire any girls to target him.

If I’d heard about this in highschool, I would believe Kavanaugh, since a child doesn’t have much to lose when lying. I don’t usually believe it when random nobodies accuse famous athletes without any evidence either. But when I see a lady make a losing bet like this, with nothing to gain worth the risk of humiliation, I sit up and take notice.

or she was set up and will be a dem hero, she has taken no risk at all she lives in Califiornia

I do not think that Bill Clinton is old news. I was just thinking something about Bill Clinton, and it was giving me the willies.

Well bill is not relevant to current events.