Ending an active shooter encounter

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That’s awesome. Glad to see someone of your caliber (no pun intended :wink: ) taking an active role in keeping our children safe. Kudos to you.

LOL… Active role in raiding the fed treasure chest…

How so. Please elaborate.

Earth to Klaxon … the guns are already out in the public. The issue here is how best to respond to misuse of those guns. It is a very rare situation where an active shooter is not stopped by someone else with a gun. It only makes sense that the sooner they are stopped the fewer casualties there will be, so which do you prefer, immediate response by someone who is already there, or wait five minutes for the police to arrive?

Samm, repeating Rose’s position about arming people that are “already there” does absolutely zero to counter my point about the introduction of more people carrying, whether it is in a school environment or anywhere else.

Thanks for playing though, now go live long and prosper buddy.

See, that’s what you’ll NEVER be able to convince these people. That if no one is walking around armed, no one gets killed. These guys have the ‘‘I have to kill someone’’ mentality. They’re part of a subset of americans that have had this inbred into them, maybe it’s the Neanderthal gene expressing. There’s just nothing you can do.

You conveniently skipped over the first sentence. Not allowing honest citizens to carry guns will not disarm the dishonest ones. And since there are more … many more … honest citizens than dishonest ones, it serves a better purpose to allow them to be armed. It is trite but true, when seconds count, the cops are just minutes away. In other words, your point is not valid.

You can drop the condescension too. It does not help your position one iota.

And what you will never get is that prohibiting people from walking around armed only prevents the honest people from walking around armed. If you want to completely trust your life to the police, you are welcome, but you have no right what so ever to foist that position on to anyone else.

You are also totally wrong about the mentality of those who carry guns for protection. The purpose is to not be killed, not to kill. The last thing any honest person wants to do is to kill someone. The trouble and personal trauma it brings can last a lifetime. And down deep in your angry liberal soul I know that you know that, but you are just too wed to your anti-gun position to admit it.

Samm, I know that you are incapable of actually addressing the point I am making. You don’t need to keep proving it over and over and over.

You just don’t understand it man… You simply are not capable. Not condescension, just truth.

Just ask these folks…

The experience on the rest of the civilized western world proves all of the above is a load of crap.

I did address your point. Apparently you didn’t actually read my post … I notice that you did not address a single statement in it in your response.

And you actually believe that restricting guns will disarm that kind of person?

No it doesn’t. Bad guys kill good guys in every country in the world. The difference in this country is that the good guys have a Constitutional right to defend themselves. But that in no way makes those who defend themselves with lethal force bloodthirsty killers. You ought to cool your liberal political rhetoric if you want to have any credibility at all n this discussion.

No you didn’t Samm. You just keep saying criminals will still have guns even if good people don’t. You don’t seem able to understand my point at all buddy. Your replies show that.

“that kind of person”? Those are the good honest people that you keep talking about needing to have guns Samm.

Not all of those people are angels, I’m sure. But they certainly aren’t the “criminals” you keep worrying and crying about that will still go out and get guns through illegal means.

Apparently you didn’t understand your own point. Not surprising, it didn’t make any sense.

It’s okay Samm. You’re a nice guy, I’m sure.

People who shoot at other people because they don’t like the way they drive are not good honest people.

And the moment they point that gun (even before they pull the trigger) they are a criminal regardless what they did before. Your ignorance on this topic is beginning to shine through. Perhaps you should stop now, before you have removed all doubt.