ELLISON EXPLODES: DNC Deputy Says NATIONAL BORDER Creates ‘Imbalance and Injustice’ | Sean Hannity

DNC Deputy Chairman Keith Ellison slammed the notion of “national borders” during a fiery interview this week, saying borders created an “imbalance and injustice” for migrants seeking higher wages in the United States.

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There’s nothing “IT” spouts that’ relevant… Just another “BIG MOUTHED” SOCIALIST…

Ellison, who used to have a Muslim name and changed it back to his given name…Wonder why?
Is just another crackpot leftist pandering for votes from the “gimme” community.
He’s as anti American as Iran.
I cannot stand this type of user. He wants all the benefits this great country has to offer, but none of the responsibilities of living in this country.
He’s SCUM of the highest ( or lowest) order

Does Ellison mean bring in low wage foreign workers for American higher wages, but lower than our minimum wages and send American works to their countries to replace them as workers?

I think everyone should thank Trump for showing just what these knuckleheads are all about. Open borders, law defiant, homosexual, and anti American. That’s all you need to know Thank you Donald.