ELLISON EXPLODES: DNC Deputy Says NATIONAL BORDER Creates ‘Imbalance and Injustice’ | Sean Hannity

DNC Deputy Chairman Keith Ellison slammed the notion of “national borders” during a fiery interview this week, saying borders created an “imbalance and injustice” for migrants seeking higher wages in the United States.

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Since organizations are permitted to open factories outside of US, why aren’t the illegals working at those factories? Besides, we’ve already tried the failed open borders. 8 years of it and it failed the American workers - miserably.
Dems just refuse to understand and believe that their platform & agenda were rejected outright in 2016. Sad.

If Mexico would enforce their immigration laws and control entry through their Southern border problems with many seeking to improve their quality of life would be minimal. These same people upon entering into Mexico can seek employment opportunities in Mexico and if possible apply for assistance. Instead the Mexican government would rather pawn off their responsibilities to the United States who they consider the “Welfare” country of North America. The imbalance to which Ellison refers is the refusal of Mexico to except their responsibilities. And as far as injustice, well again the blame falls to Mexico who openly refuses to aid their breather in need. What it boils down to is securing the vote for the Democratic Party through false promises by these illegals who they give false hope to. Become a legal US citizen and you will begin to experience stability (Balance) and justice through the law of the land. O bey the laws of the government because God has ordained them for the purpose of order. Remember, wolves are not troubled by the opinion of sheep.