Elizabeth Warren … a champion of iron-fisted government capitalism

It is absolutely amusing how Elizabeth Warren deludes her audiences and promises to fundamentally change the way Washington does business, and how she plans to restore faith in America’s political system by making our federal government work for the people.

Of course, her plan, as is the plan of every other socialist and communist running under the Democrat Party ticket, is to continue the status quo of commandeer the earnings of America’s businesses and wage earners and “investing” this money in areas not authorized by our Constitution, just as Obama did when plundering our federal treasury under the guise of “green energy”, and transferred 80 % of the $ billions taken from our federal treasury to his inner circle donors.

Now that such pillaging of our federal treasury for purposes not authorized by our constitution has proven profitable for Obama and his donors, Elizabeth Warren has upped the stakes to a massive $2 TRILLION DEAL ___ the funding of which will again be confiscated from business owner’s earnings and working people’s paychecks.

But fear not, as Pocahontas has written:

“With bold investments, we can fight climate change, achieve the ambitious targets of the Green New Deal, and create more than a million good jobs here at home. I have a plan to invest at least $2 trillion in green research, manufacturing, and exporting:”

So, our dear Elizabeth Warren presumes to know better how to “invest” money which is earned by America’s businesses and wage earners than they do.

And what did one of our forefathers caution us about the assumption of such power by folks in government?

"The framers of the Constitution guarded so much against a possibility of such partial preferences as might be given, if Congress had the right to grant them, that, even to encourage learning and useful arts, the granting of patents is the extent of their power. And surely nothing could be less dangerous to the sovereignty or interest of the individual States than the encouragement which might be given to ingenious inventors or promoters of valuable inventions in the arts and sciences. The encouragement which the General Government might give to the fine arts, to commerce, to manufactures, and agriculture, might, if judiciously applied, redound to the honor of Congress, and the splendor, magnificence, and real advantage of the United States; but the wise framers of our Constitution saw that, if Congress had the power of exerting what has been called a royal munificence for these purposes, Congress might, like many royal benefactors, misplace their munificence; might elevate sycophants, and be inattentive to men unfriendly to the views of Government; might reward the ingenuity of the citizens of one State, and neglect a much greater genius of another. A citizen of a powerful State it might be said, was attended to, whilst that of one of less weight in the Federal scale was totally neglected. It is not sufficient, to remove these objections, to say, as some gentlemen have said, that Congress in incapable of partiality or absurdities, and that they are as far from committing them as my colleagues or myself. I tell them the Constitution was formed on a supposition of human frailty, and to restrain abuses of mistaken powers.” Annals of Congress Feb 7th,1792 Representative Page

Instead of promoting a free market, free enterprise system, and embracing individual enterprise, which our founders sought to protect with a written Constitution, Elizabeth Warren seeks to fundamentally transform America and replace it with government capitalism.

”Agriculture, manufactures, commerce, and navigation, the four pillars of our prosperity, are the most thriving when left most free to individual enterprise.” ___ Thomas Jefferson : First Annual Message to Congress


Being a hardcore socialist authoritarian that she is libs will embrace her…while she screws them over.


The current president doesn’t believe in the free market either. Who to vote for in 2020?!?!




This thread is an exercise in projection.


Trump can order anything he wants…doesn’t make it so now does it. Wait for laws to be enacted.

Replace “Trump” with “Warren” and reread the OP.



Warren can campaign on anything she wants…doesn’t make it so now does it. Wait for laws to be enacted.


Oh really? I thought it was an exercise in TRUMPPPP!!!


Did you look up the definition of that word before posting it? I think you should…

How are you going to enact nationalization of energy? Healthcare? Green new deal?

Or is she selling you BS?

Which is it lib?

Like so many threads, it’s both. :slight_smile:

Hold on now boys, Oryx has a point. So far it’s just talk. And Trump has done more than his share.

So Oryx, are you saying you don’t believe her? Did Trump run on it?

Brace yourself, the whataboutisms and whataboutery is about to flood the thread. Anything to deflect from an opportunist and liar who used racism to gain her edge.


The Democrat Leadership wants elderly American citizens, who paid into Medicare all their lives, to surrender their healthcare to the millions of foreigners who have invaded America’s borders.

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I’m saying that neither Trump nor Warren believe in the free market.

i think you should read up on its uses, then contemplate if it also applies to what you post

what does trump believe in then?

Maybe just spell it out for me, I really don’t know what you’re getting at.

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It’s hard to say, and I’m tired of trying to figure it out.