Electric Truck Maker Nikola delisted by NASDAQ, closes AZ plant

I wish I had time to hang out and discuss this today, but I need to hit the road soon.

Electric truck maker Nikola receives delisting notice (Reuters, paywall)

A few weeks ago from AZ Central;
Nikola Corp. to pause production in Coolidge as losses widen, stock falls

and of course their trucks are not really “zero emission” they are “hidden emission,” or “moved around emission.”


…and the l’il boy said out loud, “the emperor is naked”. At first, the crowd gasped…and then… :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:


The Dems tried this same stuff during Obama with solar panels. All we got was Solyndra’s toxic waste leftovers. Dems are either stupid or corrupt, so China will dominate the EV markets like they do solar. But they will give 10% for the big guy, I’m sure…


I spent a few minutes searching and, I can’t find evidence of them building & delivering more than 500 trucks in their lifetime (258 seems to be the most common number.)

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I wonder how much they qualified for in subsidies and grants

and how much of that was donated to democrats

According to the articles, they didn’t “close” a plant, but rather paused production to do retooling and such to build two types of trucks on the same line.

Here is their plant, from drone footage a few days ago. Buncha brand new trucks there.

I got a bridge to sell ya.

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They’re both. So are their constituents

Not buying. But they are selling. A quick search turns up some interesting partnerships and such. I think they are a serious company that got into some money problems they may or may not get out of.

Well, they still (claim to) have about $100 million in cash, stocks and bonds sitting around so they are not dead yet.

They lost about $750 million in the TTM.

For many many many years companies could not even go public (sell stock) unless and until they proved they had a viable product and a viable business plan, and the proof was 2-6 years operating in the green.

I note also that according to the AZCentral article

The company was founded by Trevor Milton, who last fall was convicted of three wire and securities fraud charges.

In the related article below we read this little snippet

Those prosecutors alleged that Nikola — founded by Milton in a Utah basement six years ago — falsely claimed to have built its own revolutionary truck that was actually a General Motors Corp. product with Nikola’s logo stamped onto it. There also was evidence that the company produced videos of its trucks that were doctored to hide their flaws.

Yeah he’s in jail and they hired someone who sounds well suited for the job with a good track record. Revenue keeps going up but apparently they are bleeding money trying to build a hydrogen infrastructure at the same times as building trucks.

Still alive.


A Nicola TreBev OTR Truck is priced at $300k and as high as $1 million (less those nifty incentives) according to their website. The range is 500 miles with a recharge to 100% taking 20 minutes? Again, according to their website.
I’m not sold on an electric powered vehicle or a hydrogen powered vehicle replacing the dependency and power to torque capability of diesel powered equipment. The hydrogen powered concept is interesting to me. Electric motors and battery energy storage systems just seem to be expensive and risky.

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Of those three, diesel has the least power.

The twenty minute recharge is for hydrogen fuel cell trucks.

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Ok I’m listening. I’ve had a few years experience with diesel powered trucks and heavy equipment and their dependability. Except when it’s frigid cold :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
What about electric or hydrogen?

Windmills are industrial blight …

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