Electric Cars are coming- no need to drill in Alaska

Most climate friendly car ownership plan is to buy a 1999 Toyota Corolla and then drive it until the wheels fall off. The climate impact of production is already covered, you’re saving material from having to buy a new car, and it’s modern enough to meet most emissions standards if you maintain it.

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They’re only cleaner because they don’t emit while being used.

When all factors of production and recycling are included in the equation, they’re just as dirty as any other car.

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That will not make Booty Judge happy.

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Remember, according to Biden it’s Booty Juice.


Actually that would be the case if you drove a Ram pickup truck. You could drive that truck for many years before your carbon footprint would exceed the carbon footprint of producing and operating a brand new EV.

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What I’m witnessing is that the technology is improving so fast, especially now with almost all manufacturers on board, when a great stride is made, the current technology is abandoned making them junk. The cost of repair or replacement…exceeds the value of the car and it’s junked thereby never getting the pollution return on investment of what it saved vs what it caused.

This was poorly thought out. I’ve also heard people comparing it to switching over from horse to car. The people that held out in favor of the horse and landline weren’t doing it for the same reasons.

People not wanting to go EV are making that choice because it’s not a clear upgrade. An EV drives around the same as an ICE. You can’t take a landline with you. So the cell phone gave you new abilities. It was a huge upgrade. Same with the automobile compared to the horse. People that resisted just didn’t like change.

With EV VS ICE, the only change is the method in what propels you. There’s no advantage to driving an EV.


Most people don’t oppose EVs in general, they choose not to drive one because it is less convenient. What were you thinking of? I highly doubt you’d find a lot of people opposing EVs for anything to do with climate.

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Have you watched the video?

Yeah, he said electric cars will not save us. What’s the common ground you’re suggested? Maybe I’m missing something.

Thank you for sharing this. :rofl:



It should not be illegal to punch people like that in the freakin’ cakehole.

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They claim it’s just as bad for the climate as ICE cars. You know, like the energy needed to produce and charge them isn’t coming from rainbows and unicorns?

I kind of thought that was where you were going, I just don’t believe it. I just don’t believe that’s the reason normal people oppose EVs. It’s just something everyone has been saying, including the climate nuts.

Check out what NJ is now doing. Do they not want people to buy EVs?

They should. EV is not environmentally superior to ICE. They are being junked at a much higher rate as the technology is improving quickly. The damage done to the environment in the making of them far exceeds the benefit they’ve done by not polluting during their life of performance.


In your opinion, how many people do you think don’t buy an EV because of climate concerns or child labor in Africa? Most people buy what suits them.

There are two main categories of EV buyers; those that actually research their thoughts prior to purchasing which have been predominantly the early Tesla buyers and those that desire to see the invisible “V” of being virtuous on their foreheads when they look at themselves in the mirror due to the positive image being sold by the government entitites.


I agree completely with your reasoning to why people buy them. Those would be the same people that bought a Prius. But it doesn’t touch on why people don’t buy EVs.

I was considering a cheap one to get to work and back before the new law in NJ. No way I’m paying 1000 dollars up front to register an EV. Not going to happen.

Are you ready? IMO professional opinion the Chevrolet Volt is one of the best buys out there. It’s going to be a used car but find one with low mileage and the newer the better. You can buy it for cents on the dollar. It has a range of approximately 40 miles between chargings and when it’s gone, an onboard generator kicks in to recharge the battery. In this mode, it’s getting 37.5 mpg. Having a 9 gallon gas tank, it eliminates any stress as if the battery should run out of juice but also provides an opportunity to use nothing but electricity.