Electoral College Map for 2020

I wasn’t thrilled, but I’d hardly call it crushed.

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So you think Carl Cameron hates patriotism?

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I’m not sure I’d consider FL a battleground. Lots of old white republicans, lol.

The last governor race was decided by 30,000 votes out of 8,000,000.

It’s a battleground.

I just think it’s going to go red because of voter suppression à la North Carolina.

Trump is slightly favor to win Florida again, but Florida will be a battleground state in 2020.

Ok well that was kind of like me when Obama won. I can relate to that.

Those rioting and howling at the sky(2016) i couldn’t believe. Incredible.

Why Trump will win -

  • Incumbent advantage
  • Economy probably won’t have crashed by then
  • His supporters will get out and vote
  • Younger voter turnout typically lower
  • Minority turnout typically lower
  • Dems nominate an uninspiring candidate (see: John Kerry, 2004)

Why Trump will lose -

  • Trump extremely unpopular
  • Dislike of Trump will in and of itself motivate people to get out and vote against him (this is one reason the Dems did so well in 2018)
  • Progressive candidate inspires younger and minority voters to get out the vote
  • Those who typically vote Democrat, but voted for Trump because they thought he would bring their jobs back, disillusioned and wll go back to voting Democrat

On those last 2 points, the numbers will depend on who the Dems nominate. On the one hand, if they nominate a progressive that will encourage younger and minority voters to get out, but could reduce the number of less liberal Dems to vote Dem. On the other hand, if the nominate a Joe Biden then Trump will lose some of his 2016 voters, but younger and minority voters will not be as inspired to vote.

I don’t recall rioting?

Maybe. Which sucks.

There were some riots for a few days following 2016 in some places, mostly out west.

I hope you’re right.

I remember some protest. I really don’t recall rioting.

That is very true, but…is the Democratic nominee going to be able to provide a solution for their unhappiness? Or will Trump’s bold faced lies and a lousy D nominee going to keep people from pulling the D lever?

I don’t know who the nominee will be yet, so I can’t say if they’ll be lousy. But I don’t discount Trump’s ability to make them believe him. Again.

I disagree, I think Florida is red. Too many old white people who love themselves some Trump.

I’ll take “What is the roaring economy” for 27,000, Alex.

Wow! A winning streak of one. Some people seem to see a trend in that.

Have a link to their prediction on the 2016 election when Trump was nominated?

Usually benefits the sitting POTUS, but I have to think the electorate’s mood is not favorable to yet another ME conflict involving our troops at this time.

Depends on how well Donald can continue to convince them that an attack on him is an attack on them.