Education in the USA is more about quantity not quality

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The vast majority of welfare spending were passed under the Johnson administration. Some started costing money immediately.

Others took a few years and the spending began under Nixon, who seemed to oppose them, but did not try to roll them back. (Probably because he needed votes to keep us fighting in Vietnam.)

Not surprisingly, the Libertarian Party, which opposed the spending and opposed the war in Vietnam, was founded in 1971.

That is exactly it. Seriously, if you could see the crap parents dump on the school about you would be shocked.

Darling child caught cheating… it’s not their fault, you made the test/assignment too hard. Admin will agree with the parent, so you dumb it down a grade so Jimmy will pass the assignment.

It just goes on and on.

As we all know one poster likes to remind everyone “they can’t read”. Guess what? Why would you have to learn to read when your work is on a computer and they can get assignments/tests read to them via audio options set by the teacher? Why would you need to learn to type or spell when you have talk to text to get your work done?

Edit to add: the majority of the time, admin will back the parent, not the teacher. Get on SM sometime and listen to teachers who are frustrated, who have left etc. because admin does not have their back. Good teachers are leaving…what do you think are left?


I would not recommend stopping a good idea simply because
the lowest 2% or lowest 5% of household would complain about it and would not benefit from it.

Should we drill for oil?
“Oh know, the low end of the low end might complain,” is not a good reason to stop it.

Should we mandate standards in schools and end social promotion?
Again, “Oh know, the low end of the low end might complain,” is not a good reason to stop it.

I don’t think it matters what some small subset of parents want,
nor what some small subset of parents “is like.”

Any state legislature in any state can mandate districts stop passing kids who fail to meet specific criteria. State legislatures can also cut-off state funds to districts in on-compliance.

Pass the law requiring standards and let the subset of the subset howl all they want.
Nothing in any state constitution says “only their vote counts.”

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I can tell you haven’t dealt with school administration in quite some time if you think the squeaky wheel doesn’t get the grease in these instances.

These people run the schools.

Why do you think they can’t read and do math? Because the system caters to that small percentage for fear of lawsuits and constant harrassment therefore everyone passes.


The NY State government appointed a NY State Board of Regents and they have set a series of standardized tests and curricula and THREE types of HS diplomas

  • To receive (Type 1) an advanced regent’s degree, (basically college track) students must pass a series of NINE standardized tests while in HS (only 31% of HS graduates in NY State receive it.)

  • To receive (Type 2) a regent’s degree, students must pass FIVE.

  • Officially there is no third type of diploma. School districts are free to do whatever they want with students who do not pass the FIVE and hand them any sort of paper they wish.

Point is, if a state legislature, or a Congress set standards and maintained them that legislature (or congress) would be re-elected and would not be thrown out of office.

Yes, there will be people who don’t like it. so what? You wanna bow down to them and give them 100% of what they want? Never fight for anything? Phooey! Don’t b e coward. Every piece of legislation,
every law has opponents.

Wanna stop a war? Same people won’t like it.
Wanna cut taxes? Same people won’t like it.
Wanna end reverse discrimination? End tranny lessons in Kindergarten? People won’t like it.

“Some people won’t like it” is a very poor excuse to abandon what is right.
God did not make us to be weak and fearful beings.
He made us to be courageous and strong.

Again, you have no idea how the education system works these days based on how you think that is gonna work.

Can i ask a question? What percentage or what part of the student body has parents that blame the school or the teacher?

I am in no way questioning your position. I am just interested in how prevalent this is among parents in your area.

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The district I am in is currently mulling over the idea that each child only has so much time they can stay in school so if they don’t pass the educational requirements of a grade, push them up to the next one. This way they don’t drop out.

Colleges have to be making a killing on their 101 courses with all the students that need to take them before taking anything related to their degree.

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Percentage wise for the whole district I couldn’t tell you, but just anecdotally we are looking at 55-60% for those I know personally.

It’s also not just my area. Seriously, go to SM and listen to the teachers. Actually listen to what they say. They aren’t making it up in regards to parents or administration.

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I do believe you. I have seen it and have even seen the mentality in some of my friends. I just don’t understand blaming the school in this instance. Its buck passing on belahf of the parents and teaches the child nothing good

I am former ESL teacher from a family of public school teachers.

If you have some evidence that the lowest 10% of the lowest 10% will rise up and change state law education law please post it here.

Using your logic we might as well surrender on everything we ever wanted regarding taxes, budgets, trannies and everything else?

“It’s hopeless best not to ever propose good legislation,” sorta thing.

Well, you are going to have to show me where I made this claim:

Wait, were you referring to middle class parents when you posted this?

I assumed you do not believe most parents at all income levels are like this.

They are in my school.

Suivez l’argent

Your district and mine will do whatever the state funding formula tells them to do.