Education in the USA is more about quantity not quality

Here’s something I found:

All this “education” spending and more Americans needing government assistance!


Not for no reason. Derek Bell stated one reason. The neo-Marxists know exactly what they doing. Marcuse wrote it all down for them.

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Good to know affluent parents are supervising their teens :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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You want to see backlash from parents, just give that a try. Their darling will not be held back, they will not be required to meet the standards, you will dumb work down until they can get a passing grade.

This is the crap dedicated teachers and those who actually want children to learn deal with every day. Entitled parents who’s children are golden little angels because they themselves were treated the same way and now see making their lives easy instead of realistic as their right.


I’m in my 80th year of life and was raised in California (before it was destroyed by Dems) and it was not illegal to be gay, nor was interracial marriage illegal and there was no segregation. What you describe was practiced in the deep south but not across the nation and the Civil Rights movement of the 60’s took care of what was going on down south. :roll_eyes:


Sometimes we should do the right thing even when it is not popular.
Sometimes we should do the right thing even though it will be controversial, and of uncertain popularity.

Sometimes, people will surprise you, perhaps, just perhaps those same parents who will no-doubt blame the schools and attack the schools, will nonetheless began applying parental pressure toward their children in ways they should have been doing all along.

Trust me, they won’t. I see it everyday. When the going gets tough, they bail. Their darlings are not the ones at fault, nor will they be allowed to take the blame for their own lack of effort.


Welp, it’s either summer school or get held back.

When I was in school, if you had bad grades? You got held back. There was enough embarrassment associated with it that most kids buckled down to at least do the minimum to pass.


Yeah…there’s always that one in a kazillion chance. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

…or under this new era of disruption in the classroom, the parent must attend class with their child to stop it and they must continue until this problem is fixed. There should be a “parent monitoring area” where they can watch through one way glass but they can not be seen or heard. Something tells me that this disruption to the parent’s life, will transfer to the child’s life and we’ll get peace back in the classroom, to allow learning again.

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The parents of these disruptive kids would probably start wailing on the teacher!

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Again…I’d place them behind one way glass allowing them to observe but not heard. If the child should disrupt the class, it will all be recorded and the parent will be allowed into the classroom to remove their child to a “discussion room” where they can get their child back under control. When it’s deemed that this effort was successful by a school member, the child will be allowed back into the classroom and the parent back into the monitoring area. This will be the process going forward until the child is deemed cooperative. Then the parent may go about their way.

Parents used to get called into the Principal’s office with the student.

Remember the good old days when you brought a note home from school and you’d get into big trouble?


Tv shows and movies suck compared to the 80s. You would have to be there to understand


Movies back then gave a person a way to eacape reality. Todays movies have so much woke crap in them. It was definitely a good time to be alive.

That’s the problem, if they have ■■■■ parents as is the case with many kids from single mothers, they are undisciplined and are not taught to respect authority. These kind of parents are just happy that someone else has to deal with their problem for that 7 hours per day.


Agenda 47.


I remember when mine were in elementary school 15 years ago, and if I saw they had bad grades on something, I emailed the teacher to find out what I needed to help them brush up on. Unfortunately, by default, the teachers mostly approached it as if they would give them another chance, let them do extra work to make it up, something like that. I would have to explain that I don’t want them to have it easier, just please tell me what they did wrong and I would work with them to fix it. Always had good rapport with their teachers after these initial communications.
It makes me wonder if the school systems are just training the teachers to deal with parents in this way in order to not have any dissention or trouble.

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This chart is pretty telling:

So to put it into perspective back in the 1950’s and 60’s less than 2% of GDP went to welfare spending and under 10% college educated/40% high school grads, whereas today 40% college educated and over 90% high school grads!

Fact is some parents will respond that way.

Hence the fact that we know that social promotion is bad, "if you have a heartbeat you pass "is bad, & ending social promotion will work.

Murder is outlawed and guess what? Some people still commit murder, and some murderers blame whitey, blame corporations, blame the system etc. etc…
And yet outlawing murder is still a good thing and we should continue to outlaw murder.

If we ban social promotion same deal.
Just one more string attached to state or federal funding.