ECONOMICS 101: Bill Gates Says Cortez, Dems ‘Missing the Picture’ with 70% Tax Proposal | Sean Hannity

Microsoft founder and global philanthropist Bill Gates threw more cold-water on Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ 70% tax proposal this week; saying the liberal lawmaker was “missing the picture” by imposing stiff taxes on wealthy Americans.

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So Gates is FOR socialist programs as long as he doesn’t have to pay for it. Got it.

Watch out for a billionaire like Gates who wants to give you something for free, and insists that you take it, like windows 10. Bill and his wife Melinda are well entrenched members of the Bilderberg group of influential people including media moguls, all pushing the globalist’s agenda of destroying countries sovereignty’s, and border’s and bringing us under a world wide government headed up by the devil, in an attempt to stand through safety in numbers against the wrath that God will shortly be bringing with Him.
Did you really think that murdering the most helpless of humans, babies, through abortion was going to be winked at by God. If so, then maybe His soon return will catch you off guard. You have been feeding the “blood lust” of His and our enemy, Satan.

Guess who is going to pay for all this?- just guess- not the wealthy, who will just take their money overseas like they do now, or find tax shelters, or the poor, who are on social programs, but people like me in the middle class, who are being squeezed in every direction- that’s why h and other billionaires are not worried-this whole thing is crazy-America will be economically ruined if this insane plan were put into law

AOC is missing more than the picture- she is missing a few cogs upstairs