Ebola virus got vaccinated today at children's hospital here in Ohio

hi guys, i went and got vaccinated with ebola virus today at mt child’s hospital. the hospital gave me free Ebola virus vaccine today, they said i may get a slight fever but thats normal. i hope to tell you how im feeling tomorrow.

here the news story the hospital told me they need more volunteers also

Children’s Hospital is starting a clinical trial of vaccines against Ebola.

Cincinnati Ebola vaccine Cincinnati Children’s is one of nine funded vaccine and treatment evaluation units. The trial will test two experimental vaccines together for their safety and ability to produce an immune response in healthy volunteer participants.

This study will enroll up to 60 volunteers 18 to 45 years old, who will be monitored closely for adverse events for six months after initial vaccination during at least 12 clinic visits.


I was wondering myself. Then I started looking into it, and apparently, there’s a big push to get an effective long lasting vaccine. The Russians claim to have one already developed at VECTOR, which coincidentally was founded to create biological weapons.

Digging deeper, I found that scientists discovered the Ebola virus in certain bats. I’m guessing the mobility and spread of the disease to West Africa has prompted an emphasis on finding a vaccination. Scary times.

How are you going to know if it works?..when there will likely never be Ebola here. Sure you can test for negative effects…but will it protect someone against Ebola? I thought wouldn’t it be better to test on people in Africa? To see if it protects in the actual outbreak area.