Early Poll: Manchin Up 13 points in W. Virginia Senate Race

It’s very early, but somehow Gravis has Manchin up 13 points in the West Virginia senate race. Now I don’t buy that, but if Manchin coasts to victory that would be a bad sign for Republicans in general in 2018.

I can’t help noticing you picked the higher number instead the average of 5.5.

Now having said this it’s always tough to unseat existing senator.

So will see.

Manchin seems to be pretty popular in WV, and he is not Trump unfriendly.

What are you talking about?

I started the thread because this poll just came out. The other one is two weeks old. I also specifically said I don’t buy this poll. It’s a discussion about this particular poll. But you must hate Trump for only citing certain polls at certain times.

Blankenship runs its over

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The other poll is a r poll.

Manchin is ahead,not by 13. But he is comfortably ahead.