Dutch pro-farmers party wins big in provincial elections. (It didn't exist 4 years ago)

It is a plurality still far less than a majority.

The farmer-friendly FarmerCitizenMovement (BBB) landed a major victory in Wednesday’s Dutch provincial elections, which determine the composition of the Senate.

The rural party came from nowhere to finish ahead of Netherlands Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s center-right People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) party in an election seen as a referendum on the government’s performance. . .

BBB — which had no representative in the Senate before last night’s election — is set to win 15 out of 75 seats, becoming the largest force in the Parliament’s high chamber (tied with a Labor-Green coalition), ahead of VVD’s 10 seats, . . .

While the results are unlikely to affect the government’s nitrogen agenda at the national level, they might delay its implementation.

Libs assault on our food supply and way of life is dangerous to society at large. People are coming to gripes who and what they are.


Who wants to take a deep dive into the world of Dutch farming and environment policy?

Why…are you expert on farming and environment policies?


Nope. Was asking if anyone wanted to so we could understand this topic.

The rural party came from out in the middle of nowhere. :rofl:


watch how fast the leftists dismiss and ignore

no “second amendment”. no recourse. they’re screwed.

Ah a little digging, the carbon cronies strike again.

“Dutch government proposals for tackling nitrogen emissions indicate a radical cut in livestock - they estimate 11,200 farms will have to close and another 17,600 farmers will have to significantly reduce their livestock.”

No wonder they mobilized and won, they were trying to break them.


no second amendment … but where else can you actually tilt at windmills?

Put them out of business, food supplies fall, then big agro steps and buys up the land.

What’s there not to understand? Radicals want to cull the livestock and end the use of fertilizers.

Farmers outside Holland produces greenhouse gasses.
Oil from outside the US produces greenhouse gasses.

Yet in both places the ethic seems to be
“Shut it down here. Produce it somewhere else.”

The Pontius Pilate solution to climate change.

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The progressive solution in search of a problem to justify implementing it.


I already have, and I still think producing less food is a bad idea.

If you wish to kill yourself, physician assisted suicide is already legal.

But don’t take me down with you.


They ramped up food production after WWII, so they could be more self-reliant. The end result is they not only feed themselves but also provide significant supplies of food worldwide.

With things like war going on in the Ukraine, plus a growing population worldwide, reducing food production anywhere is a very bad idea IMHO.