Draining the Swamp

Draining the swamp, the plugs been pulled and we’re starting to see all the scum starting to float to the top, some are stuck in the mud and a little harder to remove, but by the way I see it, it wont be long and liberalism in the House n Senate will have been just a fart in the wind.

You should just start a “I hate libs” megathread and save us having to scroll past this garbage every day.


This dude has been on fire with the same thread rhetoric the past couple of days.

@Cratic3947 dudes stealing your gig

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It’s kinda like the Hannity bot that posts in the Hannity news section. Also think this one’s a poe though.

Ylbd is cool…

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I don’t hate them, I just hate what they stand for

You mean filling the swamp, like putting in lobyists for industries in as head of agencies that regulate the sectors they lobied for.

Dude stealing Weedhopper’s gig too…

I was talking about draining the swamp years before Mr. Trump came to town.
so, if any stealing has been going on, it was others :slight_smile:

Yes, he’s cool too… He just needs to post articles too. For some depth.

ok thats amusing

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If you cant say that life is better under 2 years of Mr. Trump than it was 8 years under Barry O, you might have an agenda! lol

I can say it, it just wouldn’t be true.


Record low unemployment and fast rising wages… Fed tightening not easing… Meaning paying off the Obama years…

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Says the guy with “an agenda”

Really, you’re doing worse off then when under Barry O?
What? did you get kicked off welfare n have to go back to work?
that’s the only way ones life could’ve gotten any worse under Mr. Trump, TRUMP TRAIN WOOT WOOT

You forgot the third option, about the same.

Oh I love that. Paying off the Obama years. The deficit is higher now than under Obama and we’re not recovering from the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression. But Trump is paying off the Obama years.

Repeating the same untruths will not make them true.

It didn’t work for Joseph Goebbels and Stalin and it won’t work for you.

No matter how many threads you start.