Drag Queen Hired as Elementary School Principle

That’s correct, and…he was arrested in the past for child porn…

What could possibly go wrong?

What kind of people would do a hire like this? Well…democrats…



Welcome the new Trans-ocratic party?

They are obsessed with Trans…over everything and everyone…including children.

According to the article, he was cleared on the porn charges…20 years ago.

Trans and drag aren’t the same thing.

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And this person is a drag queen.

Such ashame child predators are so easily able to be that close to kids. But imagine the horror, by the godless left, should a christian teacher hold prayer with kids.


Yes it is.


Would love to understand your reasoning here.

Ok. I’ll bite. What’s wrong with being a drag queen?

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Not a damn thing.

If a drag queen can be mayor of New York, then they can also be an elementary school principal.


Wrong question.

Fill us in then.

What’s right about a drag queen being the principal of a public school?

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Wrong question. (Sorry. Had to) Being a drag queen has no effect whatsoever on being a principal.

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:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Wrong. As I said elsewhere, too busy being… to focus on anything else.

It won’t be long.

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And as I said earlier that opinion is stupid and utterly wrong.

As we can clearly see, it is not.

Lord almighty. How many times have you told people here not to put words in your mouth or assume things about you? Yet for some reason you know how EVERY gay person acts and feels.

Get a clue dude.


Still looking for an answer to this btw.