Dont mistake a thread about Bernie as a Corona Virus Thread

The market collapses and the pundits say it is the corona virus. Biden wins SC and the markets rally Monday. Corona virus still there, supply disruptions still there.

fed cuts rates to combat economic disruption, big sell off. Bernie loses and a big rally.

The world is scared of socialism. it is the Bernie virus

…and sometimes…ya just gotta say…what the ■■■■ ? :sunglasses:

The market does what it always does. People sell, people buy. What difference does it make what reason that happens.

The market is never been a true indicator of the health of the overall economy. If that were the case we wouldnt ever have bubbles and crashes. Not only that but the US being in debt by trillions of dollars would be a factor and it isnt really.

The market doesn’t feel The Bern

I believe the markets were being spooked by a potential Bernie blowout. I know that I’ve had a few sleepless nights thinking about the consequences of a Bernie presidency.

I just retired and expect to live comfortably on the wealth I’ve accumulated. Thoughts of Bernie and Venezuela weighed heavily on my mind. I too breathed a sigh of relief with Biden’s Super Tuesday win, coupled with all of the moderate candidates dropping out and endorsing Biden. I’m now beginning to believe that Bernie has no chance.

America isn’t a socialist country. We are only here with Bernie because the younger generation who embraces Bernie’s socialist message have been indoctrinated since birth to hate everything that made America great. I’m glad to see moderate DEMs have finally woken up and taken back their party.

When the market gets top heavy it will find an excuse to correct.

No disagreement. While last week was technically just a correction, it is obvious that this wasn’t just a run-of-the-mill correction. Something spooked the Markets and I firmly believe it was the strong possibility that Bernie would be unstoppable going into Super Tuesday.

And Blooomberg made his billions investing in casino stock market software.