Don't Give Biden a Second Chance

Joe Biden is still the Deomcratic front-funner!

Biden became an “excellent” Vice Presidential candidate to Barak Obama because he was touted to be an expert in foreign affairs. Every voter in the United States of America needs to be reminded that the Obama/Biden final years included the Iranian nuclear deal, releasing billions of dollars to Iran, “buying” their cooperation in reducing the amount of enriched plutonium they produce. The result: Iranian missile sites and weapons strewn across Iraq and Syria, as they go back to producing weapon-grade plutonium. Nice work, Joe.

At home, Joe’s great claim to fame was the Affordable Care Act which ruined health care in America. Now, we’re all paying more and there is no end in sight. When are we going to learn?

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The ACA ruined healthcare…yeah sure. It’s bad because it was a poor fix for an awful system.

Biden is too white.

All of the experts said that up to the day Trump trashed the JCPOA Iran was adhering to the treaty.
And the ACA provided my wife and I health insurance when we both had pre-existing conditions. Biden did his job. Trump isn’t doing his.
Welcome to the boards.

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Weapons grade plutonium? Why are you making ■■■■ up?

Libs love second chances (for democrats). Biden is the rich old white man that libs wanted all along. Never mind that he’s a racist, a womanizer, and a child predator because, Trump bad.

I’ll take my racist over yours everyday of the week.


Most negative assessments of the Iran nuclear deal seems to rest on one falsehood and one unproven assertion.

i appreciate that you ignored the falsehood, that the US sent taxpayer money to Iran. The money released was Iranian money that the US had frozen. As to buying cooperation… what’s wrong with that? Name a major international agreement that does not involve paying in some form for someone’s involvement. That’s how deals are done.

The assertion is that the broad consensus of US and European intelligence that Iran was in compliance with the deal is wrong… hence your comment about strewn sites and weapons. All right, I’ll bite. Why do you have better insight into Iran’s actions than the intelligence agencies. Maybe you do, but I am curious how you got it?

Of course, with the US withdrawing from the deal, Iran, having checked that the US is getting no support from the European allies who Trump has made no effort to connect with, has resumed its nuclear program at its previously existing facilities and turned more aggressive in the Gulf. That’s on Trump, not Biden, Obama or even Hillary Clinton.

So share with us why you have the true intelligence on Iranian compliance. That would be a real contribution to the discussion.

Cool story, bro. If you see something, say something. :+1: