Don Jr Compared Dems to Nazis at Pardoned Trolls Movie Premiere

Remember though, this is the smart one:

Worth reading the thread in the comments. A sample:

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They don’t teach history in America, at lest not the important stuff

Trump jr has learned from his father that he can say absolutely anything and his base will cheer. Truth is dead.


Jr. will get his comeuppance soon enough.

I am sure Don’s assessment came from a careful reading of the most recent DNC platform.

Lil lyin fake safari hunter Donnie Jr will be eating ■■■■ before long.

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Just remember: the party that opposes stuff like this:

is the one that’s an awful lot like the Nazis.


Originally coined by the German author Reinhold Anton in 1914, the term Lügenpresse was used during World War I to refer to “enemy propaganda.” Some 30 years later Hitler and the Nazis appropriated the term to weaken opposition to the regime, primarily “accusing” Jewish, communist, and later the foreign press of disseminating fake news.


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Guy whose dad leads a party that literally has several literal Nazis/white supremacists running for office as Republicans at the state and national level says what now?


I would love to see him do a “Naked and Afraid” episode and hunt a lion using just a spear.

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The Nazis were socialists! Democrats are socialists! SOCIALISM! Also LIBS are racist because they keep black people on their political plantations and something! Hillary doesn’t really keep hot sauce in her purse!

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Trumps are sure freaking out. Daddy saying Al Capone treated better than Manafort and Jr claims DNC are Nazis. They are scared.

I think junior’s behavior is generally disgusting. Why can’t he have enough sense to avoid parading his new girlfriend around before he even completes his divorce? Who am I kidding? Like father, like sperm donor.


I’m verklempt.

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Fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree, as they say. The Trump family makes the cast of Jersey Shore look like paragons of decorum and virtue.

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Does it help that Jr. might soon find himself naked and afraid that he’ll be speared by his cellmate?


What’s ironic is that LIBs frequently compare conservatives to Nazis. But that is ok. However when someone like Don Jr. attempts to call them on it, oh my God the sky is falling.

Don Jr. simply commented that the DEM platform has more in common with fascism and Nazis then a Republican platform. I happen to agree that NAZISM comes from the left, not the right - and I’ve stated as much on multiple occasions.

Lol what?

Facism is definitely a right wing ideology.

Just like communism is a left wing ideology.

I agree.

Wasn’t Hitler a failed liberal arts major? I could have sworn I read something about that a whole ago.

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