DOJ announces arrest of Russian spy who infiltrated conservative circles

Interesting timing.

She was the one mentioned in this story, getting cozy with the GOP and NRA:

Lollllll because of course it has to get even weirder.

I’m sure trump will come along and say this was our fault

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it still not even noon on monday

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Trump trolls are triggered.


Well in the real time zone(Eastern) it’s a little after 3pm. :grinning:

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Trump directly told her he would drop Russian sanctions if elected.

That would be the pro-quo part.

Russia. NRA. GOP.

”Second Amendment Solutions” my rear end.

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So, there is tape of Trump implying to a Russian spy that he would relieve sanctions on Russia if elected?


No, there is a Tape SHOWING Trump tell a Russian Spy directly that he would drop sanctions if elected.

It’s Treason Monday.


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Please, Lord, let there not be a limit on the number of posts I can bookmark.

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at least we know what Trump nominated the SCJ he did.

Holy. Crap.

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Disagreeing with Obama on Russian sanctions is not treason. You should try looking up the definition of the word, we are not at war with Russia.

Back-channel to GOP/RNC leaders, via the NRA.


Because of course. â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  christ

i didn’t think i’d actually type this, but, i think Mueller and his team better watch their backs. the russians don’t play by the same rules we do and they have proven they’re not afraid to go into other countries and take people out.

unregistered agent in 2015 asking trump a question about how he would act in relation to Russia

“i know putin, and ill tell you what, we will get along with putin” after a long diatribe of the world hating Obama (china, mexico, russia)

“Putin has no respect for Pres Obama”
“we have made them friends”(russia and china"
“we can get along with russia without sanction”

She also met with a candidate…

Paid for by Russian intelligence :laughing:.

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