Does what happened in Afghanistan demonstrate why many of these lousy countries never change?

So you have a country of 40 million people that literally folded up like a cheap suit to handful of vile scumbags in a matter of a few days. So in twenty years the majority of people in this country could not develop the cohesiveness, the desire, the thoughtfulness, etc., to be self-governed? To develop a modern society? To make things better for all their people?

Why is it decade after decade after decade in many countries things never get better?

"Civil"ization :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

Witness when the masses are kept ignorant and unarmed, lying elitist scumbags or others with power to wield become the controllers.

Maybe the western ideals of government and culture aren’t seen as “ideal” in some countries. It doesn’t make them worse than western countries, just different.


There were too many different groups of “their preople” for it to work.

A lot of people don’t want to participate in governance and honestly many are incapable.

Freedom is hard.

Look at the collectivism in your own country. How many “Woke crits” do you believe there are?

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More than here?

Very true.

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:rofl: Balderdash.

Now if you’d have posted it this way, we’d be in total agreement. Just sayin… :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

When their “ideals” cause so many to suffer, the “worse” than argument becomes highly debatable IMO.

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Living under an Islamic theocracy is demonstrably worse than living in most countries.


Pretty much what I was getting at yup.


If you’re a Muslim?

If you’re a female Muslim, 100%.


I’ve heard differing opinions. From female Muslims.

Not sure Omar and Tlaib have any credibility on such matters.

No, actually real ones.

If you’re hinting that the west has no business imposing democracy on cultures that don’t want it, we agree.

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