Does the left know when they can go to far?

I was watching an interview with Piers Morgan were a young lady told him “I’m literally a communist you idiot”. She was a writer for the magazine Teen Vogue. Since then I was looking at some of the articles criticizing them before the interview as trying to rationalize or put a smiley face on Communism.

Anyways after the interview the twitosphere was ecstatic on how the young lady stuck it to Morgan by claiming she was a Communist. There even running with their 5 minutes of fame on Teen Vogue with shirts that say “I’m literally a communist”. Now if the young lady would have said “I’m literally a fascist you idiot” what would have been the response? There would not have been high fives and T-shirts being made or people saying well fascism can work it just needs to be done a different way.

There would have been a strong condemnation from both the left and right because we all know from even those with a rudimentary understanding of History that fascism is bad. But even though communism claimed more lives the left seems to get leeway on not denouncing communism as hard as we all denounce fascism.

We all know when the right can go to far, no one wants that and its universally condemned outside of a fringe group the rest of us remember reading our history of fascism and of what happened in WW2 and the pictures of the starved people being hurdled into the cattle cars. But for some reason communism doesn’t have the same menacing image to the west and people don’t immediately put the images of the darkened skulls of Cambodia, or the millions dead from the Soviet Union to Mao’s China in their mind as they fascism.

If you think I am overrating just read this piece by Teen Vogue a national magazine aimed at western youth. Here is a snippet of the lady talking about the joys of Communism.

(((Or — and this is the fun communism bit — you say, ‘OK, technology, which Marx calls fixed capital in The Fragment on the Machine, has a contradictory element because on the one hand it makes you more precarious as a worker. On the other hand, it shows what you can be when liberated from work because you’ve got all this extra time. You can imagine different ways of living.

You can pursue your passions. You can live a happy life.’ Why don’t we just bring that technology into common ownership? Ownership of the people, not the capitalist class, and distribute the abundance generated by that fixed capital equitably. And there are different ways of distributing that more equitably. That’s possible under social democracy through taxation or universal basic income. It’s possible under socialism. But communism
is the only thing which says all things should be brought into the hands of commons to benefit all people. In the past, you’d call that communism.I think in the future, we’ll have to call that common sense.)))

She just goes on and on about how wonderful communism is with no retort, if you wrote and article about the joys of fascism you would be soundly blasted, lose your job, and ostracized from society. Not work at Teen Vogue getting praise for saying “I’m literally a Communist”.

Where does the “stuck it to Morgan” part come in?

Thank you for posting that brilliant and nuanced political piece from Teen Vogue. Now to see what Tiger Beat has to say about this pressing issue.


I knew you guys would deflect instead of talking about the issues. Teen vogue gets 5 million hits a month on its website mostly from the U.S. there not a fringe organization like the KKK.

Twitter mainly, the numbers are telling

2.6 million views
5000+ comments which is were it gets crazy

This is just one video of the incident of the 100’s on twitter not counting YouTube.

Do communists have dreams? Do communists wonder how high they can go and in how short a time? Do communists give to others from their abundance or is it a take mentality until everything is even? I wonder if communism was one of the three little pigs, it’d be the one who built their house of straw? I wonder if when the big, bad wolf of life comes for a visit and blows their straw house down, if they have an “aha” moment, become conservative and then build their life with bricks?

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That’s my point there’s no fallout from Communism even though communist governments racked up the body count more than fascists. It’s perfectly mainstream for people to say “Communism can work it just hasn’t been done correctly”. Replace the word Communism with facsim and see the results.

I thought the current narrative was to blame leftists for both communism and fascism.

That’s not my narrative, fascism was a product of the right.

:joy: he equated them in this very op.

I have no problem if somebody decides they want to become a communist.

Equated them how? I said both fascism and communism are bad. And that fascism is a product of the right.

I said “There would have been a strong condemnation from both the left and right because we all know from even those with a rudimentary understanding of History that fascism is bad”.

The only part I am equating is that both ideologies are horrible and contributing to the killing of over 100 million people combined, yet as Yakshi posted below to my point, he’s ok with someone being describing themselves as a communist. Nearly a 100 million people died under communism.

Yep, I’m okay with someone declaring that they’re a communist.

You don’t seem to understand why your arguments are unconvincing.

Fascism is a form of government which is a type of one-party dictatorship. Fascists are against democracy. They work for a totalitarian one-party state

So when you say Fascism is a “product of the right” what country are you talking about?

The fascist governments I know of in the past were primarily right wing authoritarian movements.


There is a list of them they all pretty much lost power at the end of WW2 except Spain and Portuagal. So when I think of fascism, not trying to sound cliche but I think of Nazi Germany/Mussolini.

And while there has been many different communist governments the ones with the huge body counts that come to mind are China, Russia, and Cambodia.

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Everything political in the USA is put in the context of left wing or right wing, so your statement was very vague and implies that you might think the political right wing in this country is fascist. After all a bunch of ANTIFA thugs believe it.

Pick any “ism” such as socialism, communism, Marxism or fascism they all are in the category of totalitarianism and tyranny and the warped liberal education system in this country leaves our young people confused and clueless.

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I say the left does not have a clue…

The Mercatus analysis estimated the 10-year cost of “Medicare for all” (endorse by many on the left) from 2022 to 2031, after an initial phase-in. Its findings are similar to those of several independent studies of Sanders’ 2016 plan. Those studies found increases in federal spending over 10 years that ranged from $24.7 trillion to $34.7 trillion.

You didn’t write that. We’re ever planning on crediting the reporter that did?

So it is not true??? The Costs of a National Single-Payer Healthcare System | Mercatus Center. I don’t want you to be depressed. :smile: :wink: :no_bell:

I didn’t comment on the truth of it.

When one uses the published words of another, they need to give that person or publication credit.