Does the democratic party want to get rid of ICE?


They are being pretty sneaky about this as usual. We have a bunch of democratic loud mouths calling ICE agents NAZI’s and demanding the elimination of ICE. We have one or two democrats saying no. But the vast majority can’t seem to make up their minds and refuse to take a stand.

Will the democratic party support ICE or demand to shut them down? Why are liberals protesting ICE? ICE will not shut itself down. If the libs want to shut down ICE, the very first thing they need to do is to convince their party to champion this effort. Why won’t they?


I believe in eliminating the political wing of CoJ and FBI.


ICE is one of the few government agencies that is not a division of the democratic party. One reason why the left wants them gone.


Well I have legitimate concerns with ICE, but not the same reason as libs.


It’s just weird that the communists are demanding that conservatives abolish ICE. While they don’t demand anything from the liberals. That is totally ass backwards. Why don’t they at least try tp get their own people, before trying to get ours?


Well, there is a bill now being submitted to eliminate ICE.

Libs should be careful what they wish for.


They really can’t turn ICE around into their own political weapon.


No they want to replace it…there …thread over


What bunch? Link please because I have not heard that reference made.
Senior Democrats and party leaders have not endorsed the abolish ICE movement. I believe it is because there is no real clear-cut consensus on what it means or what needs to be changed.
One of the major complaints is that since it was instigated in 2003 the agency was given a never before seen level of power for any law enforcement agency. It also has a quota system which any other law enforcement agency does not have. And there are many instances where ICE agents have used very heavy-handed tactics and have been accused of “terrorizing” families.
I believe what might happen is enough attention be given to ICE on the hill that there might be a review of the agency to see how it is performing.


Okay, I’ll bite. What are your concerns versus liberal concerns?


Nope they to replace it with something better.


something better? I have no faith in Dems to do ■■■■.


Really? You haven’t heard that reference?

CNN implied it:

NPR’s Maria Hinojosa:

“When the president says this, basically, ‘Take them out,’ that is what
the community is saying, ‘This is fearful for us. This is the Gestapo on
us,’” she told MSNBC’s Ali Velshi. “The troops on the ground of ICE,
they’re ready to swing into action.”

All you have to do is a quick search.


Nice try! Thread not over. As much as you would love to shut me down. Only in forums owned by liberals do liberals get to shut down threads. So who exactly are “they.” And why are they harassing ICE offices as if they expect ICE to shut themselves down. Why are they not protesting their man Chuck who is opposed shutting down ICE. And replacing ICE with what? An agency that does not enforce immigration laws? What the hell is the point of that?


Can say that about almost every government agency.


Yep. The entire federal government has become affiliated with apolitical party. A very dangerous situation. Trump needs to down size them even more. They are abusing power. Reduce their power.


No they don’t.


Amazing how some Trump Republicans think that ICE is so cool and great while these same Trump Republicans have been bashing the DOJ and the FBI over the last year and a half.


I’m bashing all of those with in those two organizations who are supposed to be above politics but instead sold their political soul to a party. They work for all of us, not one side or the other and they need to be bashed right out of a job if they are involved?


Amazing how some hysterical democrats think that the FBI and DOJ are cool and great, while these same hysterical libs have been bashing ICE.

See, this door kind of swings both ways.

Nothing wrong with bashing corrupt organizations. ICE is not one. Which might be why so many libs hate em. ICE certainly did not take side in an election. ICE has not withheld documents from congress because they are engaged in a cover up. ICE is our friend. They catch and deport invaders. See, it’s not complicated of you apply reason.

Now, your turn. Why do libs hate ICE?