Does Kamala Harris have a wife?

Two days ago, Joe Biden was speaking and said on tape that his wife was present, and Kamala’s wife was present. I didnt know Kamala had a wife. Here is an 8 second video of the remarks


Joe Biden says she does. How could he be mistaken about that?

This is what you’re going with?

Dude he misspoke, old people do it all the time. Even the stable genius does it.

This is literally all they got.


He misspoke.

It’s like a horny guy honking his car-horn at a pretty woman on the street. Yeah–definitely an effective approach.


So are we back to the “Michelle is actually Michael” level of GOP discussion?

He clearly misspoke. This election cannot come soon enough.


Yeah…if I were a Biden supporter, I’d want my misery to end soon enough too. :sunglasses:

Hey, when you’ve got A-list material, it can be hard to decide. So you just keep it broad and loose.


Projection is noted.

Revolutionary War troops took over the airports?

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No, Kamala Harris does not have a legal wife. She has a white husband. He is Woke. An Outsider Within.

I haven’t heard that he identifies as a wife.

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If Kamala does have a wife, I’ll bet she’s a real cutie-pie? :sunglasses:

Imagined how triggered cons would be if a liberal female lesbian was president.

Yeah…it’d be like…“first ladies”…in stereo…amirite? :sunglasses:

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The reaction would peg seismometers throughout the country

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If Harris really wants to end racism, she would have a child with Imhoff.