Does Israel's experience show that the Pfizer vaccine should be withdrawn from the US?

I agree… we are very bad at testing to scale.

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of course not. we’ve known from the beginning that covid antibodies are short lived and we would be relying on memory cells to render covid the “lessor flu”.

Are you being paid to spread anti-vax disinformation? You seem to be making a career of it.

Many more thousands would be dead had the vaccine not been provided.
Getting rid of it because it is not perfect makes no sense.


the question the op asks is a valid question based on logic. the answer of course is no, keep vaccinating and keep using as many different vaccines as prove effective

Lambda is already here…we are not keeping it out so we had better hope it doesn’t cause serious illness in the vaccinated.

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The highest COVID death rates have have occurred in areas where Democrats get the largest vote totals. Clearly party affiliation is driving the epidemic.

Employers should fire employees who refuse to change their party registration. Democrats should be banned from going inside any store or restaurant as well. We need courageous actions to end this public health crisis.


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The vaccinations are failing because of the evolution of the virus in areas with large numbers of vaccinated persons.

The unvaccinated persons are not responsible for that. Your vaccination is increasing the risk for everyone else who is vaccinated.

its not evolution, its time. the antibodies are short lived.

It is both. Israel is looking at a third dose for older patients who got the shots early on, but it is likely that the virus will continue to evolve to bypass immunity.

point is we always knew the antibodies would die off and we’d be relying on memory cells to fight the virus. so get vaccinated or get covid so you’ve had the antibodies and your body knows how to fight it. i’d rather get them from a vaccine

It is absolutely mind numbing some of the specious and spurious arguments put forward to not get vaccinated and not to wear masks.

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New data from the Mayo Clinic finds that the Pfizer vaccine is only 42% effective against the Delta variant, while the Moderna was much higher at 76%.

Comparison of two highly-effective mRNA vaccines for COVID-19 during periods of Alpha and Delta variant prevalence | medRxiv

Will the Biden administration ignore the data approve the Pfizer vaccination anyway?

New variants continue to develop to bypass the vaccines, so it is likely the Moderna will see as similar reduction in effectiveness if it becomes the dominate vaccination.

Did Fauci tacitly admit the vaccines are failing when he recently described the need for a new drug treatment?

I am very happy getting the Pfizer vax.

It is most excellent.

Kept me healthy.


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I am glad you are happy with your choice.

Should the CDC issue a warning about the relatively low effectiveness of Pfizer vaccine in protecting against new variants? Moderna is clearly a better choice for now.

No. Israel illustrates that the mRna vaccines are miracles.

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The mRNA vaccines are certainly new cutting-edge technology.

A reasonable question is whether the vaccines are another Space Shuttle program?

NASA killed off American unmanned rockets to make sure that the Space Shuttle had no competition. Two shuttle crashes and unrealistically optimistic launch schedules meant that the shuttle not able to keep up with the demand. The result was that the US was forced to use Russian rockets for 20 years even for military payloads.

Likewise, the FDA and drug companies have been making sure that vaccines are the only allowed treatment for COVID. They have slow-walked approval of rapid, inexpensive testing and put out misinformation to prevent approval of inexpensive drug treatments.

A key difference is that NASA’s work to create a shuttle monopoly killed 14 crew members, but the FDA could end up killing millions in the US and overseas if the vaccines prove to be ineffective or unsafe.

Are we putting all our eggs into one basket with the vaccines?

Both of which are still better than 0%. I’m not understanding why these threads keep getting posted. We’re likely in for a future where covid booster shots are an annual thing, just like the flu shot is now.

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