Does CNN want to harass the Manafort jury?

Apparently they are demanding the names and addresses of the jury. Why? These people are not the story. They are simply Americans who have been picked to do a job. They did not volunteer for this. Does CNN want to expose them in the event that they do not return a verdict that is pleasing to CNN? Leave these people alone CNN. They owe you nothing. You do not need any jury information. They do not owe you an explanation for a verdict that does not involve you. They are free to speak to the media after the trial. It’s their choice. Not yours. Mind your own business.

US v Manafort is, by definition, everyone in the US’s business.

:rofl::rofl: it’s tax evasion!

Maybe he should have tried telling the jury he’s a sovereign citizen and cannot be compelled to pay taxes.

It’s nobodies business. These people did not ask for this. They are not looking to become public figures. CNN needs to do the right thing and leave them alone. Maybe CNN should publish the addresses of all their reporters? Have you ever seen a case where the names and addresses of jurors were made public? CNN does not have a right to this info. Neither do you.

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Public proceedings require public records. It’s the way it’s always been.

¯_(ツ)_/¯ Because they want to get the first interviews with them as soon as the verdict comes in. It’s not actually uncommon for the media to ask in trials with a lot of coverage.

Addresses? No? Name, age and profession as soon as the verdict’s reached? All the time.

Yeah, it’s jusr white collar crime. It’s not like it’s an ounce of coke you have to send someone to jail for fifteen to twenty years for. Geez, guys, priorities.

Neither of which affects the country.

And yet your opinion on them, it differs.

Manafort going to jail or not will not affect a single person in this country outside of those in his household. Not one.

Dude’s been a thief and a hustler in a thousand dollar suit his whole life. Cry me a river. The only difference between this and any street dude that gets knocked as collateral damage in another investigation is that Manafort is a way bigger crook.

This case is unprecedented in so many ways - first they threw him jail without a conviction! Then the press wanted the name of the jurors. UNPRECEDENTED!

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Not paying taxes doesn’t affect the country? How do you figure? Seems like paying taxes is pretty important

Glad we could agree.

You spelled that wrong… it’s UNPRESIDENTED! :+1: :crazy_face:

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I’m with you. This didn’t make sense unless…it was for something negative?

Remember when a cnn reporter went to a person’s home to harass them about sharing a Facebook post?? This is the next evolution.