Does anyone here think rapists deserve parental rights?

In Alabama, that’s the law Republics want.

AAAHHHHHHHHHH. In what world is this OK? In Alabama, a woman can be raped, become pregnant from that rape, be forced to carry the baby to term, and then THE RAPIST CAN BE PART OF THE BABY’S LIFE.

What could possibly be the thinking behind this?

Ned Holstein, board chair for the National Parents Organization, which advocates for shared parenting after divorce, said that allowing family courts to sever parental rights based on rape accusations is “an open invitation to fraud.”

“Taking a person’s child away is a grievous act,” he said. “And if it is done to an innocent parent, you are also denying the child a fit parent forever and putting her into the sole custody of a ruthless parent who is willing to fabricate a heinous accusation.”

Even if a person is convicted of rape, “there is merit on both sides of this issue, and we have no position on it, either way,” he said of his organization.

There are good people on both sides. On both sides. MN doesn’t have a law against it either!

On a side note, when I was young, but not a minor, my whole family moved to AL, but me. I am so glad I never did. Everyone cam back but my sister.


'Nuff said

Yep. Those nasty women.

Who do they think they are?

Rotten nasty accusers!

Father’s rights deniers

Really. Who could deny such kind, loving men their parental rights?

Sweet home Alabama.

another ■■■■ hole conservative utopia…

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And of course this is after they deny women an abortion. So then they get to continue to see the men, and hand over their child to the scumbag.


republicans have assured us that women cant get pregnant from legitimate rape…

Yes. Their bodies have a way of shutting that down. And even if they do get pregnant, it’s god’s will.

Alabama, the land where many believe freedom means a judge raping your child, the state forcing said child to carry the baby to term, and then battling with the rapist over parental rights.

The chafed groin of the country never disappoints.

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And don’t forget a senate candidate dating very young girls.

Edited to add that it just this morning occurred to me that the judge was also the senatorial candidate, lol.

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God has a way of turning acts of evil depravity into blessings. Therefore all raped women have to accept that the State will allow for God’s sweet grace in the face of their being raped.

So, just like back and enjoy it, it’s a blessing? Close your eyes and think of Jesus!

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Only a MONSTER could do such a thing.

i.e. a woman!

I get it when it says, “What was meant for evil, God Uses for good”. I’ve seen it in my own life. HOWEVER…I can’t see how anything good can come from this especially giving the rapist parental rights. Hell…his ass need to be in jail for a long time and even when he is release he still should have no rights to see that child or have contact with his victim.