Do you want Tiger Woods to win?

The Masters…

Not necessarily, but I’m glad he is competitive again. Makes watching the game more interesting.


I think it’d be great form him to be one one of the final two groups tomorrow.

Would make for great watching.

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Tiger doing well is good for golf and personally, I’d like to see him come all the way back and win it.

On another note, watching pro golf can be kinda depressing. I mean I wish I could hit a wedge 160.


I’ve golfed my entire life and there are so many basic things I missed until I started watching Hank Haney videos.

Stupid stuff that I should have known. Like using the same type ball every time. Warming up with only that ball on the putting green. Etc.

I played golf in college. How I missed some of the basic stuff he (or any good coach) talks about actually pisses me off now. It makes me wonder what else I’m missing.

I know what you mean. I was shakin my head when tiger blew over the green on a 230 yard approach. With a five iron.

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He’s the best thing that has ever happened to golf. The one question that every golf fans asks: “How’s Tiger doing.”

I wasn’t good enough to play in college (and I played football anyway) but I did play on the HS team. Every few years I go for lessons from a different pro just to try to pick up different things like that.

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Because of the weather they’re playing threesomes and starting everything way early. I don’t know how CBS is going to handle it. The tournament should be over way before it normally is.

They’re also going off the first tee and the 10th tee.

Yeah, saw that they’re doing that. Weather looks pretty bad. Maybe they should have considered a shotgun start.

Yeah. I’d scheduled a tee time for 7:30 PT so I could get back in plenty of time to watch the players make the turn. Now I’m not going to be able watch at all.

Much better for the golfers and fans though if it keeps em out of severe thunderstorms. It’d be terrible for someone to get hurt just because of television time.

I’m one of our golf coaches, er, I mean chaperones.

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