Do you think that Barack Obama is a (secret) Muslim?

Many years ago now, when I was just a young folk-singer making the scene, I did a poll here about the the belief that Barack Obama was a “secret” Muslim. It was just one of many theories re: the former president. Not surprisingly, a decent chunk of people here believed that he was. This matches aggregate polling at the end of his second term:

According to this poll, nearly 60% of those with favorable views of Trump also thought Obama was a Muslim. This particular poll was done by Public Policy Polling, with a 3.2 percent MOE. But for ■■■■■ and giggles, let’s assume that the poll is off by a lot. So cut the percentage in half, which leaves us with nearly 30% of believing this.

In the thread discussion, there was lots of hand-waving, bad-faith caginess, etc.—you know, the usual. But I asked: Okay, then, do we think that after he’s out of office and no longer burdened with the need to get elected, would he finally just “come out” about his faith.

Five years seems like a good time to ask again. Which of the following applies to you? If none do, then don’t respond.

  • I think Obama is a Muslim.
  • I used to think Obama was a Muslim, but I’ve changed my mind.
  • I never thought that Obama was a Muslim.

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I don’t think he is Muslim (as his religious affiliation) but I do think he has strong allegiance to the Taliban et al. (terrorists) and is at least moderately influenced by them.



What makes you think this?

Obama and his drone strike authorizations (to the dislike of the left) dealt heavy losses to the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

He was allegiant enough to kill a whole bunch of 'em.

Up to and including Big Bad Numero Uno.

The most important response is missing…

“I really don’t care, do you?”


Most people who say Obama is a Muslim don’t actually believe it. They’re just liars who want to smear him.


i wonder what percentage of people with the (middle) name “Hussein” are muslim

just curious

He killed bin laden.


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It was his fathers name.


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More fascinating

Barack Obama sr. Was an atheist.


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Many probably. A given name doesn’t make one anything though…

probably, huh

i mean how many smiths are non-muslim

who could know

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Are you jerking my chain?

Biden is in decline cognitively. Someone had to tell him to pull out of Afghanistan. He had to have someone advise him.

Deep thinking.

Joe Biden is in record as wanting the US out of Afghanistan since at least 2012.

Your reasoning is based on unfounded assumptions and not supported by the evidence.

His original middle name was Smith. He changed it to distance himself from the anti-American Smiths.

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no. just tapping you on the shoulder.