Do you believe in the miracles in the Bible?

Pretty straightforward OP. Do you believe in those miracles? Some? Any? All? Which ones and why or why not?

Some times I’ll be thinking about a specific person and they call me or come over right then. Strange and wonderful things happen all the time. I see no reason to doubt any of the miracles written of in the Bible, though exploring the mechanisms involved in said miracles is fine too, even if the conclusion happens to be a particularly timed natural occurrence mistaken for something else

The fact that we’re even here to discuss this is a miracle in itself.

When miracles occur in one’s own life, it is easy to believe accounts of miracles in the Bible. Even so, with every Biblical miracle, I always seek the possibility of the miracle being a natural event. The Ten Plagues is one such event that can be explained as a natural occurrence. The parting of the Red Sea may be another, but if so, it is pretty coincidental.

Curing the blind, the deaf, those paralyzed, raising Lazarus from the dead, curing both the servant and the daughter from afar seem to have no other explanation than miracle, so I accept them as such.

Anything is possible if enough energy is put towards something. Energy can be both positive and negative. Our emotions tend to determine which of those we project. When we love, we project positive energy towards something. Energy that can physically nurture and heal. When we hate, we project negative energy towards something. Energy that can physically tear down and harm. We see evidence of this in plant life. Even in other animals. In fact, all around us. Every day. I firmly believe that many things we blame God for, are actually caused by us ourselves. We are literally the Masters of our own happiness and misery.

One of the things I have learned from experience is that there is no such thing as coincidence with God. Since He sees and knows everything, he is able to work events in our lives to happen at exactly the right time. For example, last year my wife and I got a 700.00 unexpected windfall. Of course we were quite happy. Within 3 days of this, we were hit with two equally unexpected repairs. The cost of the two repairs was 680.00. Things like this don’t just happen. There is a purpose to everything God does.

Another thing I have learned is that God is working in everyone’s life. He wants people to acknowledge and accept him as savior. As I look back at my life before I became a Christian, I can see the hand of God many times working and leading me to where I am today.

No, we don’t and probably couldn’t understand the mechanisms of his miracles, but yes, I believe every one.

Imagine how lonely it would be to exist as God. Imagine being all that there is, and there’s “nothing” else. Imagine God wanted someone to experience with, so He designed an existence where living shells could exist and be inhabited, and gave Himself amnesia in each one while it’s alive. What an experience it would be.

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Do you remember each and every event of your own life? Can you write down what you did every minute of every day five years ago? Maybe we give ourselves amnesia. :slight_smile:

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Yes, I (and you as well) remember every single bit of information to pass through my brain. It’s the recall that’s an issue, because recalls follow pathways that shift and change as new information is received. The information is not lost, it’s just not always accessible.

(In my best Johnny Carson voice) - I did not know that. It is oddly comforting while at the same time being somewhat terrifying.

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I saw a documentary on TV a few years back on miracles of the Bible. It gave a scientific explanation for the parting of the Red Sea. It explained that it was scientifically possible if the winds blew a certain way and a few other things lined up, can’t remember every other stipulation.

Absolutely, God uses natural things at times to achieve his purposes, but the one thing not explained in the documentary was the one thing deliberately made clear in scripture. They went across on DRY GROUND. We all know what it’s like to get a vehicle, or even our own foot stuck in deep mud, takes forever and a lot of effort to get out. Imagine a few million people toting children, possessions, animals and carts, trying to quickly get away from a pursuing army… You get the picture.

Nothing explained the dry ground. Just my thinking here…

There’s some truth to this, but we can’t, through positive or negative energy, raise the dead.


Except at quiting time! :smiley:

I have no reason not to.

First and foremost, I believe in the Resurrection. Without that one, none of the others matter.

And yes, throughout history naysayers have offered explanations of coincidence to explain this-miracle or that-miracle in the Bible. “It COULD have been caused by (insert natural phenomena that could cause it…)…” And of course, that could explain it. But the explanations fail to explain why that mix of phenomena occurred right at the moment when the miracle was needed…

For me, I take the stories of Biblical miracle at face value. I have no need to disprove them or dismiss them or disbelieve them. And if some were actually mere coincidences, I don’t care. Neither veracity nor counter-explanation of them changes the Resurrection.

Well said.

Some miracles seem to pass unnoticed, or are stated as mere matter of fact.

Right now I’m thinking of Acts 14:19-20.

“19 Then some Jews came from Antioch and Iconium and won the crowd over. They stoned Paul and dragged him outside the city, thinking he was dead. 20 But after the disciples had gathered around him, he got up and went back into the city. The next day he and Barnabas left for Derbe.”

Whether or not he was actually dead is not explicitly stated. But he had to have been badly bruised and battered if he was stoned to the point that the Jews thought he was dead.

In most reading of this account, Paul just seems to pop up and just move on. It’s stated in such an understated way. No mention of binding wounds. No mention of recovery.

Was Paul actually dead, and then resurrected by God?

Maybe a few sentences later when he bluntly states, “We must go through many hardships to enter the kingdom of God,” he was explaining to the people why he had so many bruises and cuts he was nursing.

Yes I do.

Humans are uncomfortable with low probability events occurring and look for explanations. Just like humans automatically look for patterns in randomness.

What is the importance of believing in the miracles in the Bible? To me they seem sort of irrelevant as actual miracles.

I can relate to this. What has turning water into wine at a wedding–or walking on water–two thousand years ago have to do with my life today?

Not a thing…other than Biblical miracles point to Biblical teachings, and following what was taught then has led to miracles in my own life–which has had quite a lot to do with today.