Do you agree with Nancy? I do!

I almost fell out of my chair when I heard this. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. I respectfully ask that you don’t dance around with your answer and get right to the point.

Today Nancy said the the United states is the greatest nation on Earth.

Do you agree? Is so why?

Do you disagree? If so why not?

I agree we need more emergency funding for the Kennedy Center and gourmet ice cream.

I disagree that she should take away people’s representation in Congress.

She’s spot on about the greatest nation on earth.

Too bad she only says it now.

She is correct. Which puts her at odds with her goal of a total socialist redo for the United States. Massive changes for the greatest nation on Earth sounds crazy.

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Its all a matter of perspective. If you had been born and raised in say Norway you would be saying Norway is the greatest nation on earth. There is nothing wrong with being proud of the country you are from, its natural but just dont expect everyone to agree.

neat thing about being an American… you are free to leave if you think some other nation is greater…

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Do you agree with Nancy?

I have experience in living in two different countries and honestly they both have their pros and cons. America is a great nation but also a nation with significant issues.just like anywhere else.

As I get older ai realize how stupid these jingositic slogans are declaring one country or another as the greatest.

Compared agains NK of course it is, but then compare against somewhere like the UK, Canada or Australia and it just becomes meaningless.


Sounds like you disagree with Nancy and I agree. crazy stuff.

Says it all.

I was asking if YOU agree with Nancy. I will watch the video after I get your answer. :slightly_smiling_face:

No I don’t agree.

Thank you. I’ll watch as promised.

It doesn’t say it all. He forgot to say who is the greatest country in the world. If not us. who?

Who is better in your opinion and why? What have they done to advance freedom and civilization?

No one is.

Guess which country is going to cure Covid? Or supply the world with Covid meds.

Hint: It ain’t Norway.

Oh, and have you every thanked the Norwegian Marines for wiping out ISIS?

And when a natural disaster happens such as a Tsunami, is anyone waiting for Norway to show up and save the day?

When Australia had their fires, Americans died fighting them. How many Aurtailians died fighting our firestorm?

BTW, which Norwegian company invented that gadget you’re typing into? You know, the one that changed the world?

When rich Arabs have sick kids, guess where they take them for treatment? The children’s hospital of Norway? Guess again.

We’re still pretty damned awesome. We just need to lose the self hate and self pity. We are certainly the world’s greatest force for good. :us:

I have experience in living in three different countries and I want to kiss the ground of the United States of America when I return home and that’s not saying I don’t have fond memories of the other countries I have lived in but the USA is the greatest country in the entire world based on the factual history of mankind. We are a relatively young country compared to Europe and Asia who can’t compare to the a quality of life that Americans enjoy because we are more free & more prosperous and benevolent then any country or people in the world.

Americans have always been able to resolve significant issues as a “united” people but in the past 5 or 6 decades its been a constant litany of leftist manufactured insignificant crises that can’t be resolved because the goal posts are always changing as there is no intent to stop the never ending crises that leftist liberals & Democrats hurl at the country because they want an angry dependent population to gain absolute authoritarian power and it’s up the people to unite and resolve that issue at the voting booth.

England or the US?


Oh for ■■■■■ sake what a complete load of codswallop.

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