Do Y'all Know About the Sugarland 95

God Bless Reginald Moore please.

A dark period in my Republic’s history. 95 bodies found. It seems they will try to do the right thing and are getting close to burying them again, this time properly.

My grandfather worked at that prison in the late 60s.

There are variations of convict leasing since the Jim Crow years…such as industrial prisons (making auto tags, etc) , chain gang and at one time there was option of serving in the military or be incarcerated behind bars.

That is deeply disturbing.

Today with the privatization and monetization of prisons, things will only get worse.

On what do you base that ridiculous statement?

Making auto tags is not convict leasing.

Prison workers get paid nowadays. Money goes directly to their commissary book.

Lots of mixed feelings regarding the story in the OP. I’ve known the kind of people who deserve to live in those conditions, and also the type of people who don’t deserve that but get it anyway.

Prisons are a dirty, dirty, place, in so many ways.

Yes they are. Many ways. Are we surprised?

Not surprised, necessarily, but my mind remains blown away for over 15 years now.

I’m not sure it could be any other way, given the nature of it.

There should be however, lines.

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Private prisons are a disaster.

Common sense.

Also the facts.

Read these links.

The corporations running private prisons inevitably claim that they are saving the government money, but their true focus is on protecting their own bottom lines. In order to lower operating costs, these facilities cut corners, hiring fewer employees and paying and training them less. Private prison employees earn an average of over $5,000 less than their government-employed counterparts and receive 58 fewer hours of training. This leads to higher employee turnover and decreased security in the prisons. A 2016 report from the Justice Department found that private prisons had a 28 percent higher rate of inmate-on-inmate assaults and more than twice as many inmate-on-staff assaults, as well as twice as many illicit weapons than comparable federal facilities. The report also found that the Bureau of Prison’s monitors tasked with making sure private prisons comply with federal policy regularly failed to ensure inmates were receiving medical care. One prison went without a full-time doctor for months, a fact that the prison’s monitor failed to report. The lack of adequate security and healthcare unnecessarily endangers the lives of inmates, who are not in a position to do anything about it because they are in prison.

Is that worse than this? No. There is no convict leasing now.