Do San Diego Teachers Believe in Science?

Apparently not, because they only care to use it as a cudgel to punish actual citizen taxpayers. Woke activism has proven to be a potent cure for COVID-19, between prioritizing illegals over American children and ignoring riot carnage.

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Thirteen teachers have volunteered to teach around 700 teen girls English skills and art.

Somehow this very meager show of compassion has made other people a victim.



No such compassion towards their actual students. And it’s an SDCOE sanctioned program paid for by their parents tax dollars.


So what?

Children have a right to be educated and really… there are very few resources being diverted for this.

The whole situation sucks… but no one is losing out on anything by having a baker’s dozen of teachers teach 700 girls English and Art.

It is a wonder why most of the stories don’t mention how many teachers are involved? Or that they volunteered? Or that they are working on English Skills and Art?

They aren’t being paid?

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It’s unclear.

It’s up to the county.

“The teachers who are participating in the program are doing so voluntarily, and the program is following a COVID-19 screening protocol based on guidelines from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.” SDCOE spokesperson

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I live in San Diego, my kids have been doing in person school for the past couple of weeks now, half day only

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So local students are doing on-line learning. And the migrant children have no access to on-line systems and therefore need special assistance.
I don’t get what the outrage here is.


That changes things. Thank you for that clarification.

Based on Guntsu’s post, this is a non-issue.

To be fair the whole situation sucks


Yep. No one is happy with what has gone on in the past year.

People fanning flames and blaming immigrants for diverting resources… in articles that don’t even say what those resources actually are… is not helping

Selling ads for outrage.

I’m willing to admit when I jumped the gun. I don’t have any kind of issue with this if San Diego kids are also getting in-person education.

If they aren’t being paid or using school resources, more power to them.

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All San Diegoians have voted in those making these decisions and if this is what they want, so be it. I don’t and have not voted for individuals that would perpetuate this outrageous double standard. If they attempted it where I live, I’d deal with them but San Diego is up to the will of San Diegoians. Good luck and don’t move. Your decision making has influenced California to be the crazy sanctuary state it is. Now…enjoy.

I don’t blame the immigrants. I blame the people who pander to them.


They aren’t immigrants and they are diverting resources. Intentionally.