Do Parakeets Make Good Pets?

Anyone ever keep these little birds? Was it an enjoyable experience?

Much as I love cats, I’m not sure I can deal again with having my heart yanked out of my chest when their lives are over, and it seems parakeets, cockatiels, lovebirds add some color, chatter, maybe even some companionship the more the owner interacts with them.


No. Messy and dirty.

They poop a lot.

And loud!

Finches are more fun. They fly around. Parakeets just sit

Finches are also noisy.


They will get on your nerves at night. lol

Also, they can drop dead from fear in a loud thunderstorm.

Wow. What’s with the parakeet hate? I had a parakeet named Luke Skywalker, and he was very popular around here. He used to disappear, and we’d find him
sitting in the marble bathroom that matched his feathers. All in all, a nice pet.

And truthfully, when he croaked, nobody gave it much thought. After all, he wasn’t a dog.

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I have read somewhere that birds are supposed to be really bad for your sleep patterns. Not sure how much validity there is to that, but they can be very loud, and if you are a person whose not a deep sleeper the short burst of noises periodically may not wake you up consciously, it could potentially interrupt your sleep cycle several times a night. The net result is you being tired and dont know why.

Again that’s just something I read.

Cover the cage at night.

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I’ve read that too. I remember going to a persons house who had birds and asking them how can they stand listening to that.

They said you just kinda get used to it. I didnt really understand that concept until I moved within several miles of an army target range.

Do you like a lot of noise?

Do you like high maintenence pets?

Do you like feathers and seeds and shells all over your house?

Actually I have been spending some time in major pet stores like Petco & getting a little exposed to the noise, watching the birds. Didn’t bother me.

And I’ve a certain part of the house away from the kitchen in mind for them for the cage and letting them out a little.

We live in a three level home, and can’t think of a pet that doesn’t involve some care.

Keep in mind, the bigger the bird the more damage their beak can do. Even little parakeets can draw blood.

Some birds make more noise than others. Ask the pet store emplyee’s what one’s are loudest.

You’ll want some place they aren’t “ignored”. Birds love company. If they don’t get it, they get a little onrey. Also they can attatch to one person in the home, and become angry when anyone else is around.

All the dogs and cats I’ve owned have taken less care than the Nanday Conure I had.

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I would never have a bird for a pet. They smell terrible. Also, it’s pretty cruel to have them locked up in cages. Last, they can live a very long time, so you’re stuck with them.

Yeah, that reminds me. Their little beaks crack their seeds, they extract the nut, and the husks drift down. Those husks are light as a feather and do not stay in the cage. It’s a constant mess. And every time they get scared and flutter, up comes a cloud of seed and pooh dust. It’s so gross.

But some people really love their parakeets, I suppose.

I have 3 dogs and 5 birds. They are all messy to some extent.

Two of my birds are rescues and the other 3 are parakeets. Parakeets are a joy. They have a wonderful song all their own.

The rescues are a Cockatoo and a Blue and Gold Macaw. As for the question posed in the OP, yes parakeets make great pets.

If you want them the be tame and finger trained and want them the talk get only one and don’t give them a mirror. Spend time with them each day they will be amazing pets.

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No they don’t smell. They live long but if you adopt a rescue you are saving them, not being cruel to them.


Never seen that happen.

Birds are smarter than either cats or dogs. They can be loving companions and amazingly entertaining.

Cockatoos are love sponges and will cuddle with you. But never forget they are wild animals and can be unpredictable.

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We had it happen when I was a kid.

Actually it appears the smaller birds live as long as a dog or cat, one of the reasons I’m considering parakeets in particular as someone over 50. Beautiful as large birds are, many end up in zoos when the owners find out the birds will likely live longer than they will.

Am also considering small birds like parakeets and finches due to having zero experience with birds as pets, having heard it said that large birds are for experienced owners only.