Do Democrats and Never Trump Republicans like endless wars?

Here’s an article outlining what Biden’s foreign policy plans look like. They want to go back and fight in Syria again. Who know why? Just like who knows why the Obama/Biden Admin bombed Libya into chaos starting a civil war and the return of slavery.

Perhaps peace and prosperity is not real profitable for them…

So, voting democrat is not only a vote for more violence in the cities, a perpetual lockdown nor based on science, it’s also vote for more endless wars around the world…


Democrats do love them some middle eastern conflicts.

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Neo-cons who use to be democrats are now going home to democrat party.


To save the party from the radicals no doubt.


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Distract from people finding out everything that could be done about Chi-NA flu has been done and they were talking out their collectivist ass.


What endless wars did Obama start?

He sent the Troops to Syria… And LIbya is still at war…

Which ones did he end?

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I know this had to be explained to you in the past because somehow you were unaware, but Libya was in the midst of a civil war when Obama okayed military strikes because Gaddafi was about to massacre his own people. It’s so odd because you claim to care so much about the Libyans but you didn’t know about the civil war.

And troops went into Syria to fight ISIL. Why was that bad?

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Well that wasn’t the question. But what war has Trump ended?

The one thing I give Trump grading credit for. He doesn’t like wars and does anything he can to avoid them.

The grudging part is because I don’t believe he gets out of them on terms favorable to us.

Usually when you just quit you don’t leave on the best terms.

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There’s scaling down foreign conflicts and then there’s abandoning the Kurds to their death in Syria, writing love letters to Kim Jong Un and inviting the Taliban to Camp David on 9/11.

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But he also doesn’t jump the gun and get us into shooting wars on his own.

For all his bluster and tough talk, he doesn’t do that.

Twice he could have got us into serious ■■■■ with Iran.

Twice he backed down.


Trump’s administration is so crazy I actually forgot about Iran attacking our troops, wounding scores of them, Trump saying they had headaches, and saying that Iran had learned it’s lesson. Good times.

I’ve come to accept that as a way to allow Iran to save face.

Now…how effective that would have been long term we will never know since COVID changed everything.

There are 3 things wrong with that:

1.OBama “massacred” tons of terrorists also.

  1. Many thousands more have died in Libya because of Obama’s bombing there. So, he caused thousands of deaths, he didn’t prevent them.

3… We now know intel agencies seed the media with news stories to influence lawmakers into acting the way they want. The FISA abuse under Obama showed us that. It’s how we got fake Russian Collusion BS for 3 years. It’s amazing the **dems didn’t learn from WMD’**s.

Anyways it sounds like you are for endless wars. Which wars did Obama end before you voted for him again?

and they are still dying in libya thanks to Obama and Biden’s admin…

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See, this is how you prevent deaths and promote freedom. You kill this guy instead of sending him pallets of Cash… You don’t bomb Iran though.



Yes, we should be the policeman of the world right? Go military industrial complex…weeee!

What did killing him do? Someone else took his place. How many of our own troops were injured during the retaliation?