Do Black Lives Really Matter or only those that can be Politically Exploited?

Where are the protests? Why don’t these shootings get 24/7 coverage on all the alphabet networks for days or even weeks and Front Page Headlines in all the Major Papers?

How many cities will burn over these deaths?

ha yeah right. as though anything going on with these people is really about what they say


As to your title:

“Do Black Lives Matter”.
To me they do. So do everyone’s.

“Or only those that can be Politically Exploited”
If it is an organization, then the only ones that matter are the ones that can further their cause. Clearly, that is the case with BLM.


BLM does not give a rat’s ass about black lives. What they care about is feeding the sheople that narrative because most base their decisions on their feelings.

Who doesn’t care about a black life? Anybody? Who doesn’t care about the life of anyone…regardless of their skin pigmentation?

No Christian can call The Lord their Father, unless they care about their brothers and sisters!

This whole movement is nothing more than a facade to camoflauge the actual intent to destroy the “western nuclear family” unit that is written right in their manifesto. It’s the destruction of that very unit that has led black lives to the place they are, that is motivating this entire movement. It’s the lack of fathers in the home that has led to the internal mayhem with in the black culture. Youth violence, murders and theft are all products of a broken home…period. There is no amount of money that can fix this internal problem. What is lacking is love…and you can not buy that. Fix the internal problem of love that nurtures and guides a child into adulthood teaching personal responsibility, an educational foundation and a desire to succeed through honest intent and almost all problems…in all societies are non-existent. This…is utopia.

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Yes, they matter.

Feel free.

Libs here have made it clear.

The black lives that are the focus of BLM are only those who are arrested or those who fight with police.

The movement is really Black Arrestees Matter.

The acronym should be BAM. It has a better ring to it, dontcha think? And it won’t ever get confused with the already existing government agency, Bureau of Land Management.


Unfortunately that’s been the case since day one. Only those “Black Lives” that can be politically exploited ever get their attention.

Don’t forget the entire movement was created and predicated on a series of lies.